Liquidate Your Closeout Pet Food Inventory

Look toward Lewisco Holdings when the time comes to liquidate your closeout pet food inventory!

We buy excess merchandise and redistribute the goods to well-screened customers from the East to West coast. 

Pet Food LiquidationAs pet food becomes stagnant on the shelves and the overhead expenses rise by the day, liquidation becomes the right choice for dealing with the goods. Call on Lewisco Holdings to offset your losses, conceal the brand, and make new investments possible.

The US liquidation market is led by Lewisco Holdings.

The liquidation professionals here at Lewisco Holdings have experience and the ability to purchase and redistribute merchandise with speed, integrity, and discretion. The entire liquidation process that we follow is streamlined for best results. It begins with purchase and ends with distribution into appropriate channels.

Pet Food Liquidation

Pet food comes in various types, with pet owners choosing the style they find most appropriate for their beloved animals’ needs. 

  • Kibble – dry dog and cat food is the most affordable type of pet food. It doesn’t require refrigeration, and as long as it’s protected from moisture and humidity, its shelf-life is long. Crunching on this dry food can also be good for animals’ teeth as well. As you buy kibble, consider the various types available. You’ll find options for all ages from pups and kittens to elders as well as options designed for animals with allergies, those who need more protein, and other specific needs.
  • Canned – wet, canned dog and cat food are considered non-perishable, just like human canned food. While it costs more than kibble, older and choosier pets may require the special purchase. If you’re buying canned pet food, make extra sure that the nutritional content is appropriate.
  • Semi-Moist – Non-refrigerated, burger shaped patties of not dry but not wet foods are available as well. Your pet will find them especially tasty, but they lack nutrition and should be enjoyed on an occasional basis.
  • Fresh – Various brands of fresh pet food with real ingredients are becoming more and more popular. They’re expensive, but they’re also much better for the animals’ digestive system and vitamin content.

In addition to pet food, we deal in groceries, beverages, and household goods. We buy them when they’re almost or past expiration or best by dates, marked down or as closeouts, turned down by the original customer, mis-labeled, slightly damaged, or slow-moving for any other reason. When goods lie within our inventory, you can be confident in their quality. 

Lewisco Holdings Liquidation

The Lewisco Holdings process is a swift one. We have many customers within our network of buyers, with more than 400 distinct parties who shop from our inventory. Vetted buyers let us know the product categories that they would like to buy, and we target sales to them whenever appropriate.

In order to be a customer of Lewisco Holdings, you’ll have to submit to screening and manufacturer restrictions against display, advertisement, operating outside of the prescribed geographic bounds, and wholesaling. 

We also provide Mabel’s Farm, our own private label, for repackaging, and we refrain from selling to any of the originally intended customers.

Lewisco Holdings services extend beyond liquidation to behaving as a proxy salesforce and providing a digital turnkey auction service.

Liquidate your closeout pet food inventory today by clicking here or calling (917) 210-9395 to contact the liquidation specialists of Lewisco Holdings.