Liquidate Your Bulk Food Inventory

Calling all first-line distributors who need to liquidate your bulk food inventory! Lewisco Holdings is a professional, experienced liquidator known for benefitting our inventory sources and customers. When you call on us, expect expedited and confidential service.

The Final Destination of Liquidated Goods

Liquidate Your Bulk Food InventoryLewisco Holdings liquidates goods into avenues far from the primary market. We sell to discount grocers who operate independently from supermarket chains, schools, jails/prisons, community food banks, flea market vendors, farmers markets, and other non-traditional customers. You don’t have to worry that your original customer will ever see your products in less than ideal circumstances.

Lewisco Holdings liquidates throughout the United States, moving a wide variety and volume of products in all categories and circumstances.

Smart liquidation occurs with an understanding of labels. Just because an item has a near or even past best by or expiration date doesn’t mean that the item isn’t useful. Most items are nutritious and safe far past these dates; they’re simply an indication for retailers of when the items may be at peak freshness.

Rely on Lewisco Holdings to deal in quality goods. In addition to dating issues, we also buy goods that have been in accidents, have slight damage, mislabeled packaging, newer product versions that have pushed them out of distribution, and other issues that lead them to sell slower than anticipated originally. We buy the leftovers and sell them at great discounts.

We sell products that are from some of the top brands in the world, and with these purchases, our customers can extend savings to their customer base, grow their profit margin, and stretch a finite budget to an even greater extent than usual.

When we sell products, rules define their use. Our buyers are not allowed to display, advertise, go beyond geographic boundaries, or wholesale the products that they buy from our inventory.

The inventory that we purchase and sell includes a range of products. We buy frozen foods like desserts, entrees, and convenience foods; refrigerated items including dairy and lunchmeat; canned foods, such as tuna, green beans, and ravioli; dry goods including pasta, cookies, and crackers; canned, kibble, and jerky pet food and treats; and other household closeouts. If you’re wondering if an item you have is ideal for our service, reach out to ask our team.

To start liquidation, our team will only need a few pieces of information to provide you with an offer:

  • Brand/label
  • Every date on the inside/outside of the package
  • Ingredient list
  • Package size
  • Nutrition profile
  • Quantity of products per unit, case, pallet, load
  • Location
  • Preferred price

Using this information, we’ll tabulate an offer, usually the same day. If you like our offer, we will wire payment immediately and arrange for pickup of our purchase that day or the one that follows. We work with speed and confidentiality, immediately beginning the process of finding a buyer within our approved group of customers.

If traditional liquidation isn’t ideal for your circumstances, consider our other services. We can provide our team as your sales force. You’ll keep the merchandise while we find a buyer and arrange for drop shipment when we do. Additionally, we can provide a turnkey digital auction service for your goods.

If you need to liquidate your bulk food inventory, click here or call (917) 651-0101 to speak with our team about the process of liquidation.