How to Liquidate Inventory Retail

Overhead costs can eat away at potential profits. This risk increases the longer you continue to hold onto stagnant goods. If you’re looking for a convenient way to liquidate this inventory from your retail space, call on Lewisco Holdings. A leader in the industry, we’ll pay top dollar for your goods and transfer them into secondary distribution lines.

How to Liquidate Inventory RetailA number of situations may cause such a reduction in quality that the goods are no longer appropriate for retail spaces. If your merchandise is close- or short- dated, slower moving, overstocked, nearing or at expiration, discontinued, older versions of updated products, closeout goods, or cancelled orders, we can handle their transfer into appropriate avenues for use.

Our warehouses and shipping logistics offer nationwide reach, and we offer the financial backing to purchase and distribute without regard to location or quantity. Our experience and knowledge about product liquidation, along with our large rolodex of sellers and buyers, allow us to provide what our customers need to return to profitability.

Regain some of your lost profits by allowing us to liquidate the products in question. Lewisco Holdings specializes in grocery, beverage, pet food and treats, and general merchandise. We can provide the best price possible, fast payment, pick up on the same day or the day after, and protection of the label’s reputation.

Protective Efforts Used during Liquidation

Our buyer group includes the vetted parties whom we approve to receive and use the products we purchase. These buyers consist of privately owned grocery stores, educational and correctional facilities, community organizations like food pantries and farmers markets, and salvage stores with deep-discounted goods. We require that buyers follow the requirements set forth by manufacturers – including those related to geography and advertising – and even provide the repackaging label Mabel’s Farms for concealment as required.

The buyers we approve benefit from the rock bottom prices we offer for high-level name brand goods and quality products. This 400-strong group of buyers makes it possible for us to purchase a large swathe of product categories.

Liquidation Explained

Starting the process of liquidation is as easy as a call to Lewisco Holdings. We provide online access as well as telephone procedures. We will require a few pieces of information in order to send an estimated offer. The photographs, brand, ingredient list, nutrition facts, dates within and without the packaging, the package size, the case quantity, the pallet capacity, the number of pallets, the pickup location, and the desired price are all key to calculating a fair price.

After receiving this information, Lewisco Holdings can usually provide an offer the same day. If we come to terms with sellers, Lewisco Holdings will provide immediate payment and schedule pick-up for the same day or the next.

If your retail space is full of inventory that you need to liquidate, the best way to do so is to call Lewisco Holdings. We know how to move the process forward quickly, confidentially, and fairly, so call us today at (917) 651-0101 to start the process of liquidation or to reap the benefits of deeply discounted secondary market goods.