Grocery Liquidators New York

The current tight economy lends itself to tight budgets. The one area of wiggle room most families can find within their spending plans is grocery expenditures since car payments and mortgage notes are generally concrete. Grocery liquidators, like Lewisco Holdings, can help New York families stretch their pennies by supplying surplus and salvage grocers.

Outlet Grocery Stores

Grocery Liquidators New YorkShopping at discount grocers is an excellent way to stretch the family budget. This type of store is almost universally privately owned and stocked by purchasing from liquidation distributors like us, Lewisco Holdings. We’re a premiere liquidator in the United States and have the capacity to distribute goods throughout the nation, buying and selling all quantities and manner of goods.

Arm Yourself for Bargain Hunting with Label Understanding

A primary reason for selling goods to liquidators like Lewisco Holdings is that they’re near the expiration date. When shopping for salvage products, always remember that the different phrases used have different meanings and the date determination is somewhat fluid.

  • A “sell by” date indicates that purchase should be made prior to the date.
  • A “best if used by” date means that to enjoy the best quality, consume before that date. However, this date doesn’t mean it’s unsafe to eat after the date.
  • “Use by” is the date that a manufacturer believes the product will begin to diminish in quality
  • Keep in mind that products are often good well beyond the expiration date. As a surplus shopper, educate yourself about dates, food safety, and how to identify good versus bad. Frozen foods are great products to buy in bulk at salvage grocers because they tend to last far beyond the expiration dates. When encased in clear packaging, check for freezer burn.

Leave the Coupons at Home

When you shop salvage grocers, coupons will be unwelcome and unnecessary. We buy goods that are turned down by major retailers for one reason or another – often slight damage or overstock. By turning these products around and selling them to deep-discount salvage stores at extremely low prices, they can turn around and pass the savings on to customers.

Small Dents Equal Big Savings

Canned foods are ideal for salvage grocery shopping. The food often stays good beyond the dates on the package, and when the can is slightly dented, it becomes fodder for the secondary market. You can stock up on canned veggies, fruits, and meats for pennies on the dollar! Beware, however, of cans that are too deeply dented. The food inside could be spoiled.

Purchase Name Brand Quality without the Name Brand Price

Lewisco Holdings purchases high-quality, name brand products, but we require our buyers, like deep-discount salvage stores, to refrain from displaying or advertising the brand. You can often find pet items, HBA products, cleaning goods, paper merchandise, and more in addition to the beverage and grocery items you’d expect.

Lewisco Holdings is tops among grocery liquidators in New York. We supply deep discount salvage stores with goods to stock their shelves while relieving first-line distributors and retailers of goods they can no longer feasibly sell. Call (917) 210-9395 for more information about how liquidation can benefit your company and your customers.