Grocery Liquidators Michigan

Grocery liquidators at Lewisco Holdings serve Michigan primary market participants and secondary market opportunity buyers. Our processes convert goods that are no longer suited to their originally intended customers into cash for the client and usable product for the buyer.

Grocery Liquidators MichiganWell-known in the liquidation world, Lewisco Holdings distributes products ejected from the first markets and welcomes them into our inventory. Our reputation for integrity, speed, and discretion is well-earned, and we strive to earn it every day. We offer exceptional service for our clients and customers.

Unwanted Merchandise

Attempting to buy products is never without risk, and every company needs a Plan B for times when products fail to sell as well as they should. When conditions leave the goods in your shelves better suited to the alternative market, call on Lewisco Holdings to recoup as much of the investment and overhead spent as possible.

The right time to liquidate is sooner rather than later. Keeping merchandise that isn’t selling prevents future purchases of goods that will sell, and the longer that you keep products, the less that they’re worth. Eventually, you’ll be left with products that aren’t salvageable.

Customers of Lewisco Holdings

The customers we serve include over 400 separate entities all over the country. We screen every member of our buyer group and require that they be separate from first lines of distribution. Instead, we sell to mom-and-pop shops, community food pantries, prisons and jails, schools, after-school programs, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, flea market vendors, farmers markets, and other alternative buyers.

Manufacturer restrictions guide the entire process of liquidation, from the point of purchase to resale and then use. Our customers do not advertise, display, wholesale, or violate prescribed geographic boundaries. The original customers are never our customers either; we don’t sell to restaurants, supermarkets, or convenience stores. 

Introducing Lewisco Holdings’ Inventory

As a source or customer of liquidation inventory, you might wonder what we hold within our stock. You’ll find all of the following merchandise categories available for liquidation services or purchase:

  • Frozen, refrigerated, canned, and shelf-stable dry foods
  • Alcohol-free beverages
  • Wet and dry pet food and treats
  • General household products

Lewisco Holdings buys merchandise from thousands of first-line marketers including producers, distributors, and retailers of the primary brands in the US.  All of the following situations merit a call for liquidation to begin:

  • Overstocked
  • Close-dated or short-coded
  • New packaging 
  • New ingredients or formulations
  • Closeouts or marked down
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Canceled or turned down orders
  • Leftovers from seasonal, holiday, or promotions

When we apply liquidation, we do so quickly and fairly. Once we receive all of the appropriate product information, we can deliver a fast offer to buy them. If you accept that offer, we will pay right away and collect our merchandise the same day or the next. Once we do, we’ll begin to target sales to our buyers through distribution efforts. We have thirteen nationally distributed warehouses and a dedicated carrier network for quick logistics. 

The expert grocery liquidators of Lewisco Holdings provide Michigan companies with resources for excess goods. Contact us by phone at (917) 210-9395 or by following this link if you’d like to arrange for a one-time or recurring service as a liquidator or to express interest in becoming one of our buyers.