Grocery Liquidators Illinois

If you’re searching for grocery liquidators in Illinois, rely on Lewisco Holdings for straightforward, fast, and fair service. We leverage a group of buyers that can be trusted to use liquidated goods discreetly, protecting the brand. With a well developed set of practices, we can handle large quantities of goods without disrupting first lines of distribution.

Grocery Liquidators IllinoisLewisco Holdings is a foremost provider of liquidation throughout the Lower 48. We buy food, beverage, and general merchandise outright from primary market members and redistribute them into non-traditional markets. The process is advantageous to our clients and our customers, and we have the capacity to deal in large volumes of products in a variety of liquidation-worthy conditions.

FYI – Lewisco Holdings

  • Purchases loads of goods regardless of volume and location
  • Safeguards the brand’s identity and reputation
  • Protects all regular sales channels
  • Utilize a straightforward process of purchase and targeted resale
  • Work quickly to provide an offer, payment, and collection
  • Act as liquidation purchasers rather than brokers or traders.

Handling Unwanted Merchandise

The best purchase manager makes mistakes. No matter how good you may be at predicting future sales, the inevitable slow selling product will trouble the waters from time to time. When that occurs, the solution needs to be such that it protects the brand and returns as much of the investment as possible.

Holding on to these excess goods will just keep your shelves packed with goods that won’t sell and your cash tied up preventing new investment. The longer you hold on to these products, the less they will be worth and the less you’ll eventually regain when you decide to trigger liquidation.

The buying network with whom we deal at Lewisco Holdings includes hundreds of separate buyers throughout the United States. All of our customers are apart from primary lines of distribution and may include small retailers, salvage grocery stores, community food pantries, jails, prisons, schools, after-school programs, flea market vendors, farmers markets, and other off-the-beaten path opportunity buyers. 

Our customers appreciate quality and low prices, and they’re willing to operate with discretion in order to receive the best deals. With thirteen nationally distributed warehouses and a dedicated carrier network, Lewisco Holdings can buy large volumes of merchandise without disrupting primary markets or exposing the originally intended customers to less than perfect merchandise. 

Manufacturer restrictions continue to govern products after liquidation. If an entity wants to be our customer, it can’t display, advertise, wholesale, or sell outside of prescribed geographic limitations.

Knowing that you can entrust us with your products, are you ready to join our network of thousands of clients from whom we source products?

If you have goods that are short-coded, almost expired or past best by dates, closeouts, overstocks, overruns, poor performers, older versions of updated products, mis-labeled or off-spec, discontinued, canceled, turned down, leftover from promotions, or otherwise slow-moving, reach out regarding liquidation.

Our inventory categories include:

  • Food and grocery items
  • Alcohol-free beverages
  • Household goods
  • Health and beauty aids
  • Paper products
  • Cleaning tools and chemicals

The professional grocery liquidators at Lewisco Holdings are ready to serve your needs in Illinois and beyond. We bring the practices, transportation elements, professionals, and financial power required to provide comprehensive liquidation. Reach out by calling (917) 210-9395 or following this link to contact us online to liquidate or make a purchase from among our inventory.