Grocery Liquidators California

Tough times call for out-of-the-box thinking. If you’re brainstorming ways to make your budget work harder, consider bargain hunting at a deep-discount salvage grocer. Stocked by way of grocery purchases from liquidators like Lewisco Holdings, these stores offer savings that can rescue California families from difficult situations.

Grocery Liquidators CaliforniaA non-traditional outlet that distributes salvage groceries is a place where consumers can stock up on food items at extremely low prices. Shoppers should expect to find products that are close-dated, enclosed in slightly damaged packaging, outdated for seasonal/holiday use, discontinued, or overstocked. Predicting what a salvage grocer will have on its shelves is impossible, so when shoppers find the right deal at the right price, they should stock up.

Lewisco Holdings liquidates goods by transferring them from the primary market into the secondary marketplace. We deal in a large array of goods, and we have the transportation and financial backing to move them.

Overcoming the Stigma of Salvage Shopping

Deep discount shopping has a stigma of being unpleasant, unsanitary, and unsafe. In reality, though, food purchased at a salvage store can be perfectly safe, but you’ll need to know a few rules. A visual once-over is generally enough to know whether items are safe to buy.

  • Damage to cans should be small dents; any deeply dented cans should be passed over.
  • Items with cardboard packaging are fine as long as the plastic bag is intact, but if the package directly in contact with the food is damaged, steer clear.
  • When considering freezer items, look for clear packaging where you can be sure the food isn’t freezer-burned.
  • Check dates. The date does not mean that on that day food goes bad. Some dates indicate when items should be sold by; others indicate when best quality will begin to diminish; and the use by date indicates the point at which the manufacturer estimates quality and safe consumption will begin to deteriorate.
  • Two things you shouldn’t buy past expiration: baby food and OTC medication.
  • Watch out for signs of filth and infestation. You should expect less organization than found at primary market superstores, but rodent droppings, dirt, or signs of roach activity are red flags that you should steer clear of that particular establishment.

Lewisco Holdings supplies all sorts of products to salvage stores, so bargain buyers can expect to find a range of goods for sale including the following:

  • Food
    • Shelf-stable dry goods
    • Canned vegetables, fruits, and meats
    • Frozen foods
    • Refrigerated groceries
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
    • Bottled water
    • Sports and energy drinks
    • Ready-to-drink coffee and tea
    • Kids’ drinks
    • Juices and fruit-flavored drinks
    • Sodas and other carbonated beverages
    • More
  • Wet and dry pet food
    • Kibble
    • Jerky
    • Canned food
    • Biscuits
  • General Merchandise
    • Paper goods (napkins, paper plates, party supplies)
    • Cleaning products (chemicals, scrubbing pads, etc.)
    • HBA items (deodorant, makeup, soap, etc.)

Grocery liquidators, like Lewisco Holdings, serve deep discount salvage grocers and other secondary market participants across California and beyond. Reach out to us by calling (917) 210-9395 when liquidation becomes a way for your business to progress – either as a seller, removing goods from the primary market, or a buyer, aiming to benefit from bottom dollar prices for high-value goods.