Grocery Closeout Brokers

In times of economic difficulty, the non-traditional grocery market becomes extremely important. Rather than closeout brokers, choose grocery liquidators, like Lewisco Holdings to sell and buy items that belong in the alternative market.

Grocery Closeout BrokersDiscount salvage grocery stores are a well-kept secret among lower to middle class families, and when budgets get tight, these stores can be financial lifesavers. As inflation destroys more families’ grocery budgets, the services provided by Lewisco Holdings become more and more important.  We sell merchandise to discount salvage grocery stores, flea market vendors, farmers markets, schools, correctional institutions, and other alternative entities.

The condition of the merchandise that we offer within our inventory can range from being slightly damaged to nearing or passing expiration or best by dates, discontinued, overstocked, leftover from new product lines, or otherwise slow moving. We buy brand-name goods that are in usable, but not perfect, condition.

The liquidation that we provide works in a very straightforward fashion. We buy goods from primary marketers – retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and then we sell those goods to buyers within a completely separate secondary market. Once out of the first lines of distribution, liquidation goods are never associated with that brand again. We protect the original customer channels as well as the brand’s identity and reputation. For this reason, any Lewisco Holdings customer must be dedicated to confidentiality.

The Secrets of Shopping in Salvage Grocery Stores

Savvy shoppers who are already familiar with shopping in a salvage grocery store may already know these tips, but if you’re a newcomer to the salvage grocery world, the experience will be far easier with a few pieces of helpful information.

The store that you choose should be clean without smells or other evidence that suggests rodent or pest infestations. Beyond that, the particular merchandise can give you information about whether you should make that purchase or not:

  • A can with a small dent: no problem; a deep dent: no go.
  • Damaged cardboard packaging with sealed plastic interior: no problem. (Examples: cereal, crackers, pasta).
  • Frozen items: check for freezer burn.
  • Dates: a date on packaging is often arbitrary, but it can give you an idea of when the item will begin to experience lesser quality.

Lewisco Holdings’ purchases:

  • Grocery Items
    • Shelf-stable dry goods like crackers, pasta, rice, etc.
    • Canned vegetables, fruits, meats, etc.
    • Frozen food like pizza, pancakes, chicken nuggets, etc.
    • Refrigerated foods like milk, lunch meat, cheese, etc.
  • Alcohol-free beverages
    • Bottled spring, vitamin, flavored water
    • Sports and energy drinks
    • Readymade tea and coffee
    • Children’s beverages
    • 100% juices – orange, apple, grape, cranberry
    • Fruit-flavored drinks
    • Carbonated beverages
    • More
  • Pet products
    • Kibble
    • Jerky
    • Biscuit
    • Canned
  • General merchandise
    • Paper products like bathroom tissue, party supplies, napkins, etc.
    • Cleaning items like scrub brushes, mops and brooms, all-purpose cleaner, etc.
    • Health and beauty items like cosmetics, deodorant, soap, etc.

Prefer alternatives to outright liquidation? Consider allowing us to locate a buyer and arrange shipment while you retain possession of the merchandise or relying on us to provide contacts for a turnkey digital auction service.

Rather than calling on grocery closeout brokers to deal with excess merchandise, choose liquidators like Lewisco Holdings. We provide inventory to salvage grocery stores and other buyers who pass on quality goods to alternative customers. Interested? Click here or call (917) 651-0101 to pose questions, ask to become part of our buyer group, or begin the process of liquidation.