Food Salvage Stores Near Me

When times get hard, families look for ways to trim the fat out of their budgets. The grocery line is one of the first cuts, and families begin to look for “food salvage stores near me.” When you find one, you can be sure that the inventory comes from a liquidator, like Lewisco Holdings.

Food Salvage Stores Near MeLewisco Holdings is a liquidator with a national footprint and the capacity to move small and large volumes of goods into alternative markets, including salvage grocery stores.

We operate by purchasing unwanted goods from first line channels and then redirecting them into alternative channels where the brand can be hidden. We have many years of operations, which have taught us what works, what doesn’t, and how to operate efficiently and fairly.

What Products Will I Find?

If you’re unfamiliar with a salvage store, you might not know what products you can find. Well, you’ll find an assortment of groceries, beverages, pet items, and general merchandise. Lewisco Holdings buys the following categories and sells to salvage stores as one of our customer types:

  • Frozen, refrigerated, canned, and shelf-stable dry foods
  • Non-alcoholic beverages (shelf-stable)
  • Pet food and treats of all styles
  • General merchandise and household goods

The network of contacts that we work with makes it possible to sell and buy all incoming inventory. We buy from over 3,000 first-line distribution members, providing quick offers, immediate payment, and same or next day pick up.

From canceled orders to overstocks, close-dated, outdated versions, discontinued products, seasonal, and any other slow moving products can find their way into our inventory.

We sell to a few hundred buyers, all of whom are vetted and committed to following manufacturer guidelines. We don’t sell to any member of the primary market. The typical Lewisco Holdings buyer might be a private retailer, food bank, correctional facility, school, salvage grocer, flea market vendor, or other alternative customer channel.

The selective group of buyers who shop from our inventory enjoys a range of goods at low prices. The original brand’s reputation must be protected, as must the original customer channels.

Lewisco Holdings Processes

Our experience has allowed us to learn what works well. The best practices we’ve developed allow us to work quickly. We can purchase all quantities of goods and redistribute them nationally.

The first step will be to reach out to us with photos, the brand and label of the goods, the ingredients, nutrition facts, package size, all dates on the package, quantity of products, location, and preferred price. We will send an offer, usually that day. If a deal is made, we will pay immediately and pick up our purchase that day or the next.

Liquidation isn’t our only service. You can also let our sales staff arrange for the sale and delivery while you retain ownership, and we offer a turnkey auction service.

As a buyer of liquidation goods, you can also find help from Lewisco Holdings. We can provide a widespread inventory of goods with fast delivery throughout the continental US.

When the food salvage stores “near me” need inventory, they come to Lewisco Holdings, regardless of my location in the US. Our service makes it possible to recoup some money from products that won’t sell. To become a buyer or seller of our goods, call (917) 651-0101 or reach out online.