Food Salvage Buyers

Buyers of salvage food merchandise work in non-traditional markets and benefit from the deeply discounted prices associated with liquidation through Lewisco Holdings. Our team buys unwanted goods from first lines of distributions including grocery stores and warehouses in order to redistribute them into alternative, discreet markets.

Food Salvage BuyersLewisco Holdings is the foremost provider of liquidation services. Disappointing sales usually triggers the liquidation process to make sure that the organization is ready to return to a profitable situation. We offer a clean break with an opportunity to purchase more appropriate merchandise.

The buyers who make purchases from Lewisco Holdings come from completely separate market arenas. Independently owned retailers, governmental institutions, and other non-traditional players appreciate the opportunity to purchase from our inventory of grocery, alcohol-free beverages, pet items, and other household goods.

Making purchases from Lewisco Holdings provides businesses with the high-quality goods needed at significantly reduced prices. We deal honestly and fairly with all of our clients and buyers with every transaction. The minor issues like slight damage, mis-labeled, close dated, and outdated product versions generally trigger the beginning of the liquidation process.

Hunger in the United States is a substantial problem, with an unfortunate parallel of incredible waste. We provide an intervening measure to limit waste and encourage the use of products that are still in quality condition. Many of the products we purchase and resell are from the major brands and require confidential service.

As families tighten their belts, we provide inventory to the community food banks, mom-and-pop stores, and deep-discount salvage grocery stores that they turn to for affordable groceries. When buyers come to us for purchase ability, they should be prepared to go through our vetting procedures and commit to abiding by all of the restrictions placed by the manufacturer regarding advertising, display, and geographic limitations. We sell to a wide range of buyers from schools and prisons to farmers’ markets, flea market vendors, and many other entities in the non-traditional customer channel.

Our vast experience in liquidation sales has provided us with effective and seamless best practices, an established logistic network for transportation of goods, and a broad group of buyers and sellers for fast liquidation of all volumes of goods.

We source our inventory from thousands of first line marketers, using appropriate confidential measures to prohibit exposure or damage to the brand’s reputation.

We sell goods to a buying group with around 400 members, making sure that our customers and the original customers don’t cross paths.

The liquidation measures taken by Lewisco Holdings focus on speed, fairness, and discretion. We offer same-day decisions, immediate payment, and pickup the same or next day. Our dedicated carrier fleet and thirteen warehouses spread from coast to coast make this level of efficiency possible. Lewisco Holdings’s buyers maximize small budgets and limited profit margins, and we’ll search for the particular product categories you need in our efforts to serve.

One call to Lewisco Holdings will provide all of the information needed for us to know the goods that interest you, and we’ll reach out when opportunities for targeted buying arise.

Salvage food buyers are critical to the success of the food distribution channel, and Lewisco Holdings is one of the best. Whether you need a non-wasteful solution to salvage goods or would like to make good use of them, call us to learn more about our process: (917) 210 9395.