Food Liquidators San Jose, CA

If excess grocery inventory is a problem that your San Jose, CA, company faces, food liquidators like Lewisco Holdings provide a discreet solution. We buy inventory from various sellers and then direct those items into the deep recesses of the secondary market.

Food Liquidators San Jose, CAProducts that begin within the storage spaces of the largest manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in the US find a new life within a market that includes schools, jails, salvage grocery stores, and small privately owned retailers.

Lewisco Holdings, in our role as food closeout liquidators, has the elements needed to work quickly and fairly. Our capacity to sell is large because of our buyer group, transportation network, and nationally distributed warehouses.

The benefits for those who sell to us should be clear: minimal waste, reduction of losses, lower overhead, and greater profits. When products near expiration dates, liquidation can be a lifeline. We provide a critical service to those with goods that no longer belong in original customer channels as well as those who can use said goods.

The United States is flush with perishable groceries that retailers feel obliged to pull from shelves but are still fine for consumption. Far too often, food is wasted when it could be used by private or public organizations or independently owned retailers. Considering the hunger that plagues America, this situation is quite unfortunate.

Lewisco Holdings serves to shift this waste into rescue. Since we purchase goods that may be out of prime condition but still edible, we’re able to send them into more appropriate avenues.

Preventing Food Waste through Liquidation

Grocery production changes consistently by nature of food degradation. As products’ packaging or recipes change, the older versions remain, but they’re out of place in first lines of distribution. When traditional sales methods are no longer appropriate, Lewisco Holdings enters the picture. We purchase merchandise and re-home the items into suitable destinations. Without our services, the original owner would completely lose all of the initial investment plus the cost of storage and display, transport, and even disposal. Instead of writing off these expenses, companies sell to us and make back a portion of their expenses.

Avoiding waste, Lewisco Holdings targets buyers within our group of vetted entities and distributes these usable products in a manner that protects the brand while helping secondary retailers expand their profit margin and organizations with small budgets do more with less.

More than updates trigger liquidation. If packaging is off-spec or damaged during transport without damaging the goods, the products are pretty much worthless for the original seller. We are happy to buy and redistribute these goods to one of our 400+ buyers with whom we have cultivated relationships across the US.

Over Production or Over Purchase – Not a Problem

Stopping food waste through liquidation also allows businesses to survive sales expectations that prove to be very wrong. When companies make too much or order too many of an item, we can liquidate the leftovers.

Cancelled orders and turned down loads as well as being near or past best by or expiration dates also justify liquidation through our process.

When your company needs help from trustworthy and effective food liquidators in San Jose, CA, call Lewisco Holdings. Learn more by calling  (917) 651-010 to establish our credentials, experience, and capacity or to begin the liquidation process.