Food Liquidators San Antonio, TX

Are you looking for a solution to close-dated merchandise? Food liquidators like Lewisco Holdings provide service throughout the nation including San Antonio, TX. When first line marketers have inventory that won’t sell, we buy it, providing quick cash, clear shelves, and the opportunity to reset sales.

The Impact of Expiration Dates on Groceries

Food Liquidators San Antonio, TXThe purpose of expiration dates is to protect consumers from buying worthless food goods. Unfortunately, misunderstanding of expiration and best by dates by the public has caused significant waste of food. When grocery items are pulled from shelves due to dating, they’re often viable for consumption and use.

Understanding Expiration Dates

Expired and almost-expired foods are so regularly liquidated that they feature prominently in Lewisco Holdings’ inventory. The date on a package is often indicative of when peak freshness passes rather than when teh food becomes non-edible.

A visible inspection of food is the best measure of food viability. Dry goods and canned foods, in particular, remain good far longer than their dates would indicate. During your inspection, check for mold, slime, discoloration, odor, texture changes, or other obvious indications that food is no longer edible.

Instead of wasting expired food, check with Lewisco Holdings about liquidation. We’re committed to extending the life of products no longer considered ideal for primary markets by sending them into alternative channels.

Lewisco Holdings’ long history and large number of buyers is evidence of our professionalism and liquidation skill. We await the opportunity to serve no matter the location, quantity of goods, or season.

The types of products we liquidate include cold and dry goods, alcohol-free beverages, pet food and treats, HBA items, paper goods, and cleaning items. Lewisco Holdings buys from more than 3,000 sellers and sells to 400+ buyers. We liquidate through purchasing; we don’t act as a broker or trader.

Lewisco Holdings buys more than expired products. We also buy and sell overstocked items, older versions of updated products, closeouts, and other slow-moving merchandise.

The Lewisco Holdings Process of Liquidation

The manner Lewisco Holdings uses to liquidate is fast, fair, and seamless. Provide us with the following info, and we’ll deliver an offer the same day or the next:

  • Brand/label
  • List of ingredients
  • Nutrition facts
  • Photos
  • Every date on the interior and exterior of the package
  • Size of the package
  • Quantity of goods by case, pallet, and load
  • Location
  • Preferred price

If you agree to the price we offer, we will pay immediately and pick up the purchased goods that day or the next. We have 13 warehouses across the country and a dedicated carrier network for fast transport.

The Redistribution Process of Lewisco Holdings

After we purchase goods for liquidation, we will begin the process of redistribution. Lewisco Holdings includes no full-line distributors, convenience stores, restaurants, or supermarkets within our closely held buyer group.

We protect the reputation of the original brand by requiring that our buyers refrain from advertisement, selling outside of the geographic boundaries, heavy display, or wholesaling.

These buyers are removed from the primary channels of distribution and include deep-discount salvage groceries, independent retailers, community food banks, correctional facilities, flea market vendors, farmers’ markets, and educational institutions.

Food liquidators like Lewisco Holdings help both the primary and secondary market channels of San Antonio, TX. Become a part of that chain by calling (917) 210 9395 or reaching out online.