Food Liquidators Portland, OR

That pesky excess inventory collecting dust in your Portland, OR warehouse or retail store can be gone quickly with the help of food liquidators like Lewisco Holdings. We offer the ideal method to deal with the problem quickly – minimizing waste and maximizing recoupment.

The Story of Lewisco Holdings

Food Liquidators Portland, ORLewisco Holdings is an experienced and dedicated leader in the liquidation sector. We have extensive, long-standing relationships with both our clients and our customers. We deal fairly and quickly, so our return business percentage is quite high. Whether you’d like to eliminate unwanted goods from your inventory or make use of the opportunity to buy deeply discounted quality goods, call on us at Lewisco Holdings.

The team at Lewisco Holdings specializes in purchasing and redistributing grocery, beverages, and other household goods from a variety of categories.

Consider the following list as an inexhaustive resource of what items we typically buy:

  • Refrigerated, Dry, Frozen, and Canned Foods
    • Meats like beef, pork, and poultry
    • Fish and seafood
    • Fresh, canned, dried, and frozen fruits
    • Fresh, canned, and frozen vegetables
    • Frozen entrees like lasagna, pizza, fish sticks, etc.
    • Pasta like spaghetti, macaroni, fettuccine, etc.
    • Baking goods and supplies
    • Condiments and sauces like soy sauce, ketchup, mayo, etc.
    • Cereal and breakfast items
    • Granola and fruit bars
    • Crackers like saltines, golden rounds, etc.
    • Cookies like chocolate chips, sandwich cookies, etc.
    • Snacks of all kinds
    • Beef jerky
    • Soups
    • Bulk candy
    • Frozen desserts
    • Much, much more
  • Alcohol-Free Beverages
    • Vitamin, flavored, and spring bottled water
    • Sodas of all types
    • Energy drinks
    • Sports drinks
    • Protein drinks and shakes
    • 100% fruit juices
    • Fruit-flavored drinks
    • Ready-to-drink coffees and teas
    • Children’s drinks
  • Pet Items
    • Dog and cat food
      • Kibble
      • Canned
      • Dehydrated
      • Organic
      • Natural
      • Freeze-dried
    • Dog and cat treats
      • Biscuits
      • Jerky
      • More
    • General household goods
      • HBA products
      • Paper goods
      • Cleaning implements and chemicals
      • Much, much more

Volume Is a Non-Issue for Lewisco Holdings

The volume of products in question plays no role in the viability of liquidation from Lewisco Holdings. Our measures work quickly and efficiently no matter the location, time of year, or amount of goods. We have a dedicated carrier network and warehouses spread throughout the continental United States.

Examples of conditions we typically find liquidation to be triggered include short-coded, close-dated, closeouts, overstocks, discontinued products, older versions of products with newer versions, cancelled orders, holiday goods, etc.

Who Buys from Us?

When goods are liquidated, they clearly can’t be sold back to the original customer channels. The condition would likely taint the brand.

We have relationships with 400+ distinct entities whom we have vetted and proven to be discreet. The typical Lewisco Holdings buyer is independently owned and operated retail stores, salvage grocery stores, food pantries, schools, jails, and other secondary market players.

Because we sell to so many buyers, we’re able to liquidate a large volume of goods. The manufacturer restrictions that restrict display, advertising, geography of sales, and wholesaling the products will continue to apply to the goods even after we resell them.

When goods come into our inventory, we immediately target vetted buyers within our network for resale. This process allows us to minimize waste related to time and product.

Before losing big on surplus inventory, call on Lewisco Holdings to act as your food liquidators in Portland, OR. Reach out to us online or by calling (917) 210-9395 whether a buyer or seller of liquidation inventory you’d like to be.