Food Liquidators NYC

Food liquidators of NYC, of which Lewisco Holdings is the best, provides opportunity buyers with merchandise to redistribute. We purchase goods from primary market members and then distribute those products to targeted buyers, but those buyers need to be informed regarding key elements of the process.

Lewisco Holdings’ Grocery Liquidation Process

Food Liquidators NYCThe group of primary market members for whom we liquidate goods is over 3,000 strong. When sales disappoint, we buy them outright and then sell them into vetted, targeted non-traditional markets. Throughout the process, we protect the brand’s identity and reputation as well as the originally intended customer channels.

The Significance of Dating

Buyers of grocery items that have been liquidated need to understand the significance of best by, sell by, and expiration dates.

Most of the items you see at supermarkets are good for far longer than dates indicate. Canned items, dry goods, frozen food, and pet foods, for instance, can be used long after they’re supposedly “expired.”

Lewisco Holdings regularly buys and redistributes a variety of food and grocery items, alcohol-free beverages, pet items, paper goods, cleaning implements and chemicals, and health and beauty aids.

Liquidation Conditions

The condition of liquidated goods won’t be pristine. If buyers expect otherwise, they’ll surely be disappointed. Consider the following conditions of typical liquidation measures.

Overstocked – When a manager orders too much of a specific product, the inventory that’s difficult to sell is considered overstock. Instead of allowing the merchandise to collect dust on a store or warehouse shelf, the retailer chooses to liquidate.

Turndown loads or cancelled orders – When supermarkets or restaurants refuse to accept an order for one reason or another, the distributor is forced to deal with the product as efficiently as possible. It often becomes eligible for liquidation, and we take advantage of that opportunity.

Close-Dated Merchandise

Items pulled from the shelf as being too close to the best by or expiration date also come into liquidation. In most situations, the issues caused by close-dating are negligible.

Why Buy from Liquidators Like Lewisco Holdings

Extend Profit Margin

Buyers who choose to become part of the Lewisco Holdings’ buyer network submit to screening processes to ensure that they understand the need for discretion and the compulsion to follow manufacturer restrictions. In turn, these buyers are able to widen the percentage of profit made on the sale of liquidated goods.

By buying at extremely low prices, buyers can still sell for a discounted price and make a larger percentage of profit.

Channels of Redistribution

Becoming a buyer of liquidation goods isn’t without risk. Retailers and organizations considering such a purchase should ensure that they have a market for the goods. At Lewisco Holdings, we regularly sell to private dollar stores, mom-and-pop groceries, flea market vendors, schools, prisons, food banks, and other non-traditional outlets.

Plan for Fast Redistribution

Dealing with groceries that are dated means that speed should be a factor in liquidation. The longer it takes to re-sell, the less money it will return. In fact, the product could potentially become completely unsalable. Lewisco Holdings encourages all buyers of our goods to be realistic about the purchase, as we are honest and fair in the sale.

Of all the food liquidators that serve first and secondary marketers in NYC, Lewisco Holdings provides first rate service. If you’re interested in how we operate, reach out online or call (917) 210-9395 to learn more.