Food Liquidators New York

Liquidators like Lewisco Holdings offer assistance to food businesses in New York regardless of stripe and size. Primary market members sell goods to Lewisco Holdings instead of losing their investment, and then, we send them into alternative markets.

Food Liquidators New YorkLewisco Holdings is the premiere liquidator in the country, providing quick redistribution services through our dedicated carrier network and nationally distributed warehouses. What sets us apart from other liquidators is our long history of experience and capacity to liquidate products regardless of volume.

The inventory at Lewisco Holdings includes dry, canned, frozen, and refrigerated foods; alcohol-free beverages; wet, dry, and frozen pet food and treats; bulk candy, staples, and spices; and general merchandise like paper products, cleaning goods, and health and beauty products.

Typical conditions of liquidated goods include close-dated products, overstocked merchandise, slow-moving goods, closeouts and marked downs, discontinued product lines, products with outdated versions of packaging or recipes, cancelled orders or turndowns, off-season or holiday items, and products marked almost to or past expiration.

What Buyers Should Know Before They Buy

Product Condition

Before independent retailers purchase liquidated goods, they need to thoroughly understand the condition and type of goods they’re buying. When dealing with Lewisco Holdings, you can be sure that the products will be in line with the description provided and that the goods will be shipped appropriately.

Significance of Time

Grocery liquidation is usually on a ticking clock. While most shelf-stable groceries will remain viable far longer than dates indicate, the amount of money even secondary marketers can charge declines significantly with every passing day. Lewisco Holdings acts quickly from the point of initial purchase, payment, and pickup to targeted sale and delivery.

Steps to Follow When Making a Liquidation Purchase

Due Diligence

Are you interested in becoming a liquidation buyer? If so, you’ll need to research the liquidator from whom you plan to make purchases. Lewisco Holdings has a sterling reputation for fairness, speed, and discretion.

Understand the Commitment to Discretion

When you purchase liquidated goods, discretion is essential. In order to buy these goods, you’ll have to commit to compliance with manufacturer restrictions. These rules include to abstain from heavy display, advertising, wholesaling, or sale outside of the geographic limitations. Lewisco Holdings makes it easier to commit to these rules with the provision of the private label Mabel’s Farms for repackaging.

Benefits of Buying Liquidation Goods

Whether you’re a small business in need of an expanded profit margin or an organization with a limited budget trying to do more with less, liquidation goods can help. In addition to this important factor, buying liquidated goods also helps prevent food waste in a time of hunger.

Benefits to Liquidating through Lewisco Holdings

  • Confidential protection of your brand and reputation.
  • Product concealment deep within non-traditional markets separate from original customer channels.
  • Commitment to all manufacturer guidelines
  • Fast estimation and offer, immediate payment, same/next day pick up
  • Function as liquidation buyers, not brokers or traders
  • Logistic capacity includes 13 warehouses and dedicated carrier network
  • Dedication to surpass seller and buyer expectations

Become a buyer or seller of surplus food in New York through the service of liquidators like Lewisco Holdings. For an estimate of your goods or to secure your position as a buyer of targeted liquidation, contact us online or by dialing (917) 210-9395.