Food Liquidators Near Me

If you’ve been looking for food and beverage liquidators near you to handle your excess or closeout inventory, Lewisco Holdings can help. We are a privately owned liquidator that redistributes to the secondary market across the continental United States.

Lewisco Holdings specializes in shelf-stable dry, canned, frozen, and refrigerated food and beverage products as well as wet and dry pet foods/treats. We also purchase surplus health and beauty products and general merchandise (such as paper goods and cleaning products). Whether you have a pallet or a truckload full of products you want to sell, we are eager to hear from you.

Food Liquidators Near MeWe buy food and beverage products that are:

  • Short-coded or close-dated
  • Close to “best buy” date
  • Overstocks
  • Product overruns
  • Closeouts
  • Discontinued
  • Package and formulation changes
  • Off spec or mis-cut
  • Private labeling
  • Cancelled orders
  • Any other slow-moving problem product

Our network of buyers is comprised of over 400 independent accounts from coast to coast, such as small, independently owned mom-and-pop retail stores, food banks, correctional facilities, schools, and deep discount salvage stores (that do not advertise).

Working with our targeted, vetted secondary market buyers means that clients can keep their brands secure by controlling who is allowed to purchase their merchandise and. The size of our buyer base also enables you to move inventory when needed, regardless of the product category, time of year or volume.

We honor all manufacturer restrictions and guarantee to keep your products buried deep in the secondary marketplace and away from your everyday channels of distribution. We completely control the products so that our buyers do not advertise your brand without permission, wholesale their purchases, or sell to your current customers.

Lewisco pays promptly, often making same-day decisions. We offer same-day and next-day transportation anywhere in the continental United States to one of our nationwide warehouses and have the ability to move the product(s) out of your facility quickly.

We can also make our sales force available to sell your goods for you. You get top dollar, and we arrange for drop shipment directly to customers as sales occur.

For full transparency and higher recoupment, we can also create a turn-key technology solution for your company that connects you directly to the secondary market for an auction process, while we handle the logistics.

When you need reliable food and beverage liquidators near you, get in touch with Lewisco Holdings at (917) 210-9395. We will confidentially value your inventory and help you decide on the best solution for selling your unwanted grocery or pet food products.