Food Liquidators Kansas City, MO

The chain of food distribution includes a link that connects the original lines to alternative customer channels. This link involves food liquidators, and we at Lewisco Holdings offer this service for Kansas City, MO, and the rest of the country.

Inventory that is no longer appropriate for the original customer should be sold to us, and we will then revive the product for a second life with alternative entities.

Food Liquidators Kansas City, MOWe buy and resell goods that have been marked as closeout, overstocked, expired, and leftover from a previous promotion to provide the client with the highest amount possible returned to them as well as empty shelves and display areas.

If you’d like to get an offer for goods that you’re thinking of liquidating, reach out to us online or by phone. We will need a few pieces of information including photos for a fair offer to buy the merchandise, and we can usually do so that very day.

Our service allows merchants, distributors, and manufacturers to transform a bad situation. We deal in all volumes of goods no matter the time of year or location. The dedicated carrier network, available cash, and numerous warehouses that we have on hand allow us to move and liquidate quickly. Once we have inventory, we target it to our 400+ buyers who appreciate the chance to buy quality goods at low prices.

Create Space for Success

Scenarios where merchandise isn’t moving and storage/display spaces are full lead to a stall in profitability. Further, the continued possession of these goods will accrue expenses and clog up purchase power.

Through liquidation of these goods, businesses have some recovery and freedom from these products. If a product is dead, it’s better to get something for it, as long as brand protection is part of the deal.

Minimizing the costs of storage is ideal for companies as opposed to storing a large amount of inventory. With a focused, limited inventory, businesses require less space, electricity, staff, etc.

Lewisco Holdings will minimize losses and free up space by liquidating a huge range of merchandise including:

  • Grocery items including frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry foods
  • Alcohol-free beverages
  • Pet items including canned, kibble, biscuit-style, and more
  • Household items including cleaning tools and chemicals, HBA items, and paper products

The Buyers Targeted by Lewisco Holdings

We buy goods at the end of their first life, and then the second life of merchandise commences in alternative markets. We sell products to entities that can promise discretion. We do not allow our customers and the original customers to overlap because the original brand’s customer channels must be protected. Some of our buyers include schools, jails/prisons, small retailers, salvage grocery stores, food banks, farmers’ markets, and flea market vendors.

We protect the brand identity and reputation of the brand as we liquidate goods. The group of buyers we trust are thoroughly screened and proven to follow all manufacturer restrictions. Our private label, Mabel’s Farms, is even available for repackaging to ensure confidentiality.

Lewisco Holdings, as the foremost among the food liquidators of Kansas City, MO will help turn around a bad situation related to inventory. Get in touch with us either online or by calling (917) 651-0101. We’re known for providing fast offers and service, as well as the best return you’ll be able to arrange.