Food Liquidators Indianapolis, IN

The food liquidators of Indianapolis, IN, like Lewisco Holdings mitigate losses by purchasing outright unwanted products and confidentially sending them into alternative markets to buyers that appreciate the incredible prices we make possible.

Food Liquidators Indianapolis, INBeing buyers of closeout and excess inventory, Lewisco Holdings helps retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and producers offload extra merchandise at the best possible price. We specialize in grocery merchandise, alcohol-free beverages, and various general merchandise products.

Liquidation is a necessary phase for many closeout products. Closeout goods have been zeroed out by retailers to eliminate them from an inventory count.

When items are damaged, aging, or otherwise inappropriate for sale in the original market, they will need to be liquidated. Weather, accidents, time, or other circumstances might cause this situation. Lewisco Holdings will purchase all of this merchandise and bury it well within alternative markets. We sell to discount stores, independent small grocers, salvage stores, schools, jails, food banks, flea market vendors, and other opportunity buyers far from the originally intended market.

Undamaged products can also be purchased by Lewisco Holdings. Disappointing sales frequently trigger liquidation in order to make room and open up purchase lines for goods that will sell better.

Enter Lewisco Holdings

The originally intended customers of products should never see them in liquidated condition. Once merchandise becomes ill-suited to primary buyers, Lewisco Holdings buys the goods and targets sales to more suitable destinations.

The buyer group we have screened and developed over the years is key to our successful history of liquidation. Rather than holding on to goods in hopes that they’ll sell as clearance or from the risk of damage to the brand reputation, clients send their goods to us knowing that we will find a buyer that will act with discretion and follow all manufacturer guidelines for liquidation use. Keeping those goods will continue to tie up your cash flow, accrue storage costs, and prevent investment and display of newly purchased goods. Join the ranks of the major brands in the country and become one of the producers, retailers, wholesalers, and other primary market members we serve.

Lewisco Holdings is well-known and highly respected in the liquidation arena. We operate in grocery, beverage, pet, and general merchandise categories of goods throughout the continental United States. Our reputation comes from our lengthy history of fair recoupment, fast payment and pickup, and satisfied customers on both the selling and buying end of the equation.

The Buying Group Perfect for Liquidation

Lewisco Holdings works with over 400 separate buyers in the secondary market. We sell our vast range of goods to small retailers, discount salvage grocery stores, schools, jails and prisons, farmers’ markets, flea market vendors, food banks, and other off the beaten path opportunity buyers. All of our buyers are screened and comply with a restriction against display, advertising, violating geographic bounds, wholesaling, and any other manufacturer restriction. We even supply a private label, Mabel’s Farms, to secure confidentiality when the brand needs to be concealed.

The size of our buyer group permits purchases regardless of quantity, time of year, or location. If you’d like to become part of this buyer group, reach out and let us know the types of goods that pique your interest.

Excess grocery inventory hindering your business operations? Contact food liquidations of Indianapolis, IN, like Lewisco Holdings to buy or sell liquidated products: (917) 651-0101.