Food Liquidators Detroit, MI

If you have grocery inventory filling up storage and display spaces in your Detroit, MI, business, you need food liquidators of the caliber of Lewisco Holdings. We will buy the products outright – sending them into alternative channels quickly and discreetly.

Food Liquidators Detroit, MIThe foremost provider of liquidation in the nation, Lewisco Holdings works with a number of buyers and sellers to make short work of unwanted goods.

The buyer group we sell to includes hundreds of screened secondary market players. Our buyers are typically privately-owned dollar stores, salvage grocery stores, schools, farmers markets, food pantries, flea market vendors, jails/prisons, and other alternative customers. We target products directly to the buyer we deem most appropriate for the goods as they come into our inventory.

The purchasing power and logistical network we have make it possible for Lewisco Holdings to buy any quantity of merchandise in a range of conditions. We’re well-known for dealing quickly and fairly with both those from whom we buy and those from whom we sell.

When we buy products, we typically buy household and grocery products. From dry, canned, frozen, and refrigerated food stuffs to non-alcoholic beverages of all varieties, pet food and treats, bulk candy, cleaning products, and more, our inventory is full of useful, high-quality, name brand goods that are no longer in pristine condition for retail purposes.

Conditions that you’ll find when goods are under liquidation include short-coded/close-dated items, products near best by or expiration dates, overstocks and overruns, closeouts and markdowns, cancelled orders and turndowns, discontinued product lines, outdated versions of recently updated products, holiday/seasonal/promotional merchandise, and otherwise slow-moving goods.

We sell to many different buyers. With a large number of buyers, we can move large quantities of many different categories of goods. Manufacturer restrictions still govern the goods’ use – applying to geographic bounds, advertising, display, and wholesaling. When the brand is difficult to conceal, we also provide our own private label Mabel’s Farms for repackaging services.

Ready to Buy from Lewisco Holdings?

The opportunity to buy from Lewisco Holdings is one that secondary market customers shouldn’t pass up. The quality of goods at the rock bottom prices we offer make it possible to do more with less. Private retailers can build a customer base, and organizations can maximize limited budgets.

Give us a call if you’re interested in becoming a Lewisco Holdings buyer. We can even search for goods in the liquidation market on your behalf. Simply let us know what category piques your interest.

The Way We Handle Liquidation

Liquidation begins when clients contact us with relevant information about the products in question. We require photos, the label/brand, list of ingredients, nutrition facts, every date on the inside and outside of the package, the package size, the quantity of goods, the location, and the preferred price.

Our team will take this info and discreetly value the products. We will follow through with an offer, and if you agree, we will send payment right away and pick up the products that day or the next.

When distributors, wholesalers, or retailers in Detroit, MI, need the service of food liquidators, they call on Lewisco Holdings. We’ll conceal the goods deeply within alternative channels. Start the process of buying or selling liquidation goods by calling us at (917) 210-9395.