Food Liquidators Dallas, TX

Do you operate a deeply discounted salvage grocery store; the cafeteria for a school, university, or correctional facility; or an independent retailer in Dallas, TX? Food liquidators like Lewisco Holdings can supply quality goods for your inventory.

Food Liquidators Dallas, TXAlternatively, food producers, distributors, and retailers can liquidate through Lewisco Holdings in an effort to stop throwing good money after bad. When product sales disappoint or the best by date nears, the consequences are substantial.

Lewisco Holdings leads the liquidation industry in the United States. We aren’t brokers or traders; we’re buyers. If you have inventory depreciating by the day, rely on us to intervene and resolve the problem. In turn, you’ll receive cash for replacing the unsalable goods.

Liquidation Is Common Practice

The process of liquidation is a common necessity in business. When inventory includes discontinued, off-season, excess, or slow-moving products, money is sitting on the shelf that costs still more in overhead. Lewisco Holdings allows you to cut your losses with maximum recoupment.

If you’re unaware of the benefits to liquidation, call Lewisco Holdings. We can explain how we help companies benefit from choosing liquidation. Our list of contacts includes plenty of vetted buyers to target goods. In addition, we provide a turnkey auction service as well as a proxy sales team. If you choose that option, you will keep the products as we find a buyer, and then, we’ll arrange for shipment when a deal is made.

Consider the following reasons for choosing liquidation:

Recoupment of investment – Purchases are made by a business to sell, not to store endlessly. With Lewisco Holdings, businesses find relief from the products, and buyers find opportunity to do more with less.

Make the greatest profit – Businesses can’t make profits without selling goods. Liquidation allows you to reset sales and return to profitability while getting as much of the investment back as possible. For buyers, the low price allows an extension of the profit margin.

Limit overhead expenses – Keeping overstock is expensive, and the expense grows over time. Liquidation allows you to break free from these needless expenses, effortlessly.

Protect brand identity and reputation – An often underestimated benefit of liquidation is the protection of the brand. Partnering with Lewisco Holdings comes with the protection of diligent compliance with manufacturer restrictions against advertising, display, wholesaling, or violating geographic boundaries. We also provide repackaging to ensure brand protection under our own private label, Mabel’s Farms.

Lewisco Holdings can buy and redistribute any sort of merchandise to sell unwanted goods rather than store them from grocery items to alcohol-free beverages, general merchandise, and pet items.

Our liquidation service buys products outright and redistributes them confidentially and quickly. We operate with speed and professionalism, always.

Conditions That Trigger Liquidation

Product conditions that justify liquidation include products nearing expiration or best by dates, overstocks, overruns, closeouts, discontinued product lines, outdated products with recent updates, mis-spec, private label, cancelled orders, out of season, or otherwise difficult to sell.

Buy from Lewisco Holdings

Once we purchase goods and they enter our inventory, we target them to the appropriate buyers within our 400+ strong buying group.

We resell products to customers well outside of first-lines.

Secondary lines of distribution in search of food liquidators in Dallas, TX, can come to Lewisco Holdings. Our customer service is extraordinary, and our inventory is varied and full. To participate in liquidation, reach out online or call (917)210-9395.