Food Liquidators Chicago

The grocery stores, food warehouses, and distributors of Chicago benefit from the service of liquidators like Lewisco Holdings, as do the non-traditional outlets that purchase from our inventory.

Food Liquidators ChicagoAs a food and grocery liquidator, Lewisco Holdings buys liquidated goods in order to conceal them within alternative markets. Usually liquidation begins because of disappointing sales figures in an effort to restore profitability by cutting their losses and moving along to products with better sales potential.

Lewisco Holdings’ function as a grocery liquidator allows us to direct usable goods at low prices into alternative markets like private retailers, government organizations, and other buyers who are set apart from the original customer channels. We’re stocked at all times with a range of products from frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry foods to alcoholic beverages, pet items, and general merchandise.

The benefits of sourcing goods from liquidators like us include the high quality of goods balanced with the rock bottom low prices. We can provide buyers with items that may have minor issues but are still usable. Slight damage, off-spec, near dated, and other small problems often make groceries eligible for liquidation.

As food insecurity increases and becomes a significant, nationwide problem, Lewisco Holdings’ service becomes more important. Food costs continue to rise, and our service allows families to find nutritious food at deep-discount salvage stores and mom-and-pop grocery stores.

The buyers we sell to are vetted, committed to following manufacturer restrictions, and run the gamut from private retailers to schools, prisons, flea market vendors, food banks, and more.

Lewisco Holdings is widely experienced in the liquidation market and able to leverage long standing relationships with both buyers and sellers of liquidation goods.

Lewisco Holdings buys goods from over 3,000 of the top manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in the country. We recognize how important it is to protect these liquidation sources from undue exposure that might taint the brand identity and take comprehensive measures to protect them.

The buying group we target goods toward is smaller at just over 400 distinct accounts. These buyers are never part of the primary market, and the customers do not overlap with the originally intended consumer.

Our measures are fast and fair. We frequently make same day decisions, and when offers are accepted, we pay quickly, pick up the same or the next day, and immediately begin the process of identifying the right buyer. The speed with which we work is possible because we have thirteen nationally distributed warehouses and a dedicated carrier fleet.

To become a buyer of Lewisco Holdings’ inventory and have access to our quality goods at significantly reduced rates, give us a call. You’ll be able to do more on a limited budget or maximize your profit margin. Our liquidation professionals are even able to help source specific products when you ask us to look for them.

With a single phone call to Lewisco Holdings, you can communicate your info, verify your understanding of liquidation procedures, and relate the products you want to buy. We offer a customer support team that will quickly confirm your eligibility and call with available inventory opportunities of interest.

Food liquidators in Chicago, like Lewisco Holdings, promote the success of primary market members as well as alternative outlets. The volume, time of year, and distance won’t stop us from servicing your needs. To learn more, contact us online or dial (917) 210 9395.