Food Liquidators Chicago, Illinois

If difficult to sell inventory has put the profitability of your business in question, call the best food liquidators operating in Illinois, Lewisco Holdings.

Food Liquidators Chicago, IllinoisA food and beverage liquidator, Lewisco Holdings operates as a foremost provider of buying and redistributing unwanted products. We have decades of experience and thousands of satisfied clients. No matter how much inventory you have to move, we can handle it with our thirteen warehouses and dedicated carrier fleet.

Lewisco Holdings focuses on canned, refrigerated, frozen, and shelf-stable dry groceries; wet and dry pet food and treats of all sorts; alcohol-free refreshments; HBA products; bulk goods; paper products; and cleaning products. With this inventory, we can benefit a great many opportunity buyers.

If you’re part of the primary lines of distribution, you understand the need for liquidation. No buyer is perfect, and forecasting sales is never foolproof. Inventory will always disappoint at some point, and aging goods can have a negative impact on the surrounding goods. Liquidation allows you to free up storage and display spaces and regain purchase power to buy more products that sell well.

Situations that merit liquidation are many, but they’re typically when items are close-dated, overstocked, turned down, marked down, older versions of updated products, seasonal, holiday, promotional, private label, discontinued, or otherwise no longer suitable for first lines of distribution. Just because a product is no longer in prime condition doesn’t make it unusable, but it does mean that it needs to leave the shelves of primary retailers, wholesalers, and distributors.

Keeping surplus goods is a terrible idea when they won’t sell. Before they become completely useless, call Lewisco Holdings for liquidation. We act quickly to help regain as much of the initial investment and overhead as possible.

How We Distribute Products

The methods we use for distribution of liquidated goods keep a tight level of control on those goods. Lewisco Holdings sells to more than 400 distinct accounts throughout the US. By selling to a broad group of buyers, we’re able to move a large volume of products all over the country without putting the originating brand at risk. We even provide repacking service under the private label, Mabel’s Farms to help with discretion. Liquidation doesn’t have to be risky when you choose Lewisco Holdings.

The network of buyers that we sell to includes private retailers, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, community food pantries, farmers’ markets, prisons/jails, schools, exporters, flea market vendors, and other opportunity buyers.

The restrictions set out by manufacturers guides liquidation. We maintain control of goods, prohibiting advertisement, display, wholesaling, and selling outside of geographic bounds.

Lewisco Holdings operates quickly, buying goods outright and then redistributing them. We aren’t brokers or traders. Once we have the information required to establish an offer, we will send it, usually the same day. If agreement is made, we will pay immediately and pick up the goods that day or the next.

Do you want to recoup more than we offer with liquidation? Consider keeping the goods and counting on us a proxy salesforce. We will find a buyer and arrange pick up on your behalf. Alternative, we can give you direct contact to auction the goods.

Should you need assistance from food liquidators in Chicago, Illinois, contact Lewisco Holdings. We have a proven ability to move goods quickly and fairly, so reach out online or by calling (917) 210-9395.