Food Liquidators Austin, TX

Food liquidators help the producers, distributors, suppliers, or retailers of grocery products in Austin, TX, handle inventory that isn’t selling up to expectations. Off-loading goods as they near best by dates by selling to Lewisco Holdings is the best option for dealing with dead or dying merchandise.

Food Liquidators Austin, TXWith the hunger that grips the United States, minimizing food waste needs to be a priority of society. When situations trigger liquidation, Lewisco Holdings buys the goods regardless of location, volume, or season. We then channel the products into our buying group for use. In this process, we provide assistance to both first line and second line markets.

As we complete liquidation, we’re careful to protect the brand’s identity and reputation. Our liquidation measures feature vetting and targeted sales to buyers and repackaging under the Mabel’s Farms private label when required to retain confidentiality. Mabel’s Farms is the private label of Lewisco Holdings.

Lewisco Holdings leads the liquidation industry, turning dead merchandise into purchase power. Our processes work quickly to solve problems related to grocery inventory, usually within a couple of days.

Buy New Product and Return to Profitability

Storing unsold merchandise can be costly in more ways than one. Regardless of the reason for considering them unsalable, companies of all sizes end up storing thousands of items that take up space, continuing to accrue overhead costs, tie up cash reserves, and prevent the company from reinvestment.

Examples of liquidation circumstances include those that are close to the best by or expiration dates, discontinued product lines, seasonal promotions, surplus inventory, or otherwise slow-selling products. Liquidation is appropriate for a myriad of reasons, and in the end, the result is the same: call Lewisco Holdings.

One Liquidator for All Grocery Inventory

Storing goods rather than liquidating them is a huge mistake that companies may make by not recognizing the value liquidation brings. Lewisco Holdings works with a large network of clients and customers for liquidation of food, non-alcoholic beverages, and general merchandise. Food items usually last far longer than dates indicate and are visibly tainted when no longer edible. Why waste these products when so many are hungry?

When you have goods that require liquidation and reach out to Lewisco Holdings, we will buy your inventory and sell it. You will be free of the burden of the goods and have cash to spend. This method isn’t the only service we offer, though.

If you’d prefer to retain possession of the inventory, we can act as a proxy sales team. We will locate a buyer and arrange shipping on your behalf.

Our turnkey auction service is yet another option we at Lewisco Holdings offer.

Breaking Down the Motivators for Liquidation

Liquidation is a smart move made by first line market members, but their motivation may come from a few different consequences or a combination of several.

When products are made or purchased by companies, the intent is to sell to a buyer, not to store without hope of sale. Lewisco Holdings introduces avenues for selling merchandise that provide at least a portion of the investment and limits the expenses related to storage. If a product doesn’t sell, the company makes no profits, and liquidation provides space and cash to buy or produce products with a better sales record.

Lewisco Holdings, one of the best food liquidators serving the companies of Austin, TX, is here to help limit waste, profit loss, and hopefully, hunger.