Food Liquidation Brokers

Are you looking for legitimate and reliable food liquidation brokers? Consider the benefits of Lewisco Holdings. We aren’t brokers or traders; we’re professional liquidators with an outstanding history of success for our clients and our customers.

The Condition of Liquidation-Worthy Items

Food Liquidation BrokersWhen you consider the need to liquidate or the potential to purchase liquidated goods, you should understand the conditions that make liquidation appropriate. The most basic understanding should be that if goods are no longer pristine and suitable for retail sales, liquidation is probably the smart solution.

  • Overstocked and Overrun Products – When products are purchased or produced according to predictions that fail to come to fruition, an excess of inventory is the result. These products are generally in spectacular condition, but primary marketers choose to cut their losses and invest in products that will sell rather than hold on to products that aren’t meeting expectations.
  • Customer Returns, Rejected Loads, or Canceled Orders – Turned-down loads in the grocery industry are fairly common. When they occur, the goods are sent to liquidation. The same goes for customer returns and canceled orders. These situations provide great opportunities for secondary market entities to buy quality goods at significant discounts.
  • Products Near or Past Best-By or Expiration Dates – The FDA doesn’t mandate best-by or expiration dates (with the exception of baby products), nor do these dates indicate an absolute period when products are no longer safe to consume. Most products are safe to eat after these dates for some time, and with efficient and careful liquidation, opportunity buyers can benefit from their liquidation and prevent their waste.
  • Damaged Merchandise – Slightly bent cans, torn packaging, and other damage can make goods inappropriate for the retail environment. Liquidation provides these goods with another life where they can still be sold and/or used in discreet and appropriate situations.
  • Seasonal, Holiday, and Promotional Merchandise – When the holiday has passed or the season ends, what happens to the products that remain? They’re sent into liquidation. If the brand is too difficult to conceal, we provide Mabel’s Farms, our own brand that we use for repackaging branded merchandise.
  • Leftover Products from a Packaging for Formula Update – When a product line is updated, the leftovers may linger for a short while on the shelves, but it won’t be long before first-line marketers decide to send the remainders to liquidation where our buyers reap the benefits.

When you partner with Lewisco Holdings for liquidation as a seller or buyer, you gain a host of benefits, including expertise based on knowledge and experience; a variety of products based upon regular purchases of merchandise from across the country; speedy offers, payment, pickup, and delivery; and transparent communications regarding the condition of goods and commitment to only selling usable, safe products.

Lewisco Holdings specializes in shelf-stable dry, canned, frozen, and refrigerated food and alcohol-free beverage products, as well as wet, dry, and frozen pet food and treats; bulk candy, spices, and kitchen staples; health and beauty products; various types of general merchandise (including paper goods and cleaning products); and other non-food closeouts. If you’re unsure about the liquidation potential of your merchandise, reach out to our team for a quick response.

Instead of choosing brokers, click here or call (917) 210-9395 for food liquidation through Lewisco Holdings. We’ll need photographs and relevant product information to value the merchandise and send an offer, usually on the same day. We work quickly, discreetly, and effortlessly so that our clients can return to profitable operations without the burden of unwanted products.