Food Inventory Liquidations

Food producers, distributors, and retailers inevitably have surplus inventory, and this situation will occur fairly regularly, requiring periods of liquidations. Lewisco Holdings provides an effortless service that benefits those with unwanted merchandise as well as buyers that want or need those goods.

Food Inventory LiquidationsNumerous years of experience providing liquidation service has prepared Lewisco Holdings to deliver seamless service from one coast to the other without regard to location or time of year. Everyday, we strive to meet and exceed the needs of our sources and our customers.

The liquidation process ends with rock bottom prices. Those from whom we buy are eager to get rid of the products in question, so they generally will take a substantially decreased price. In turn, our buyers take the opportunity to pay extremely low rates for quality, name-brand, usable goods.

The process that we follow enables us to work very quickly so that our clients gain storage and display space, cash flow, and the ability to purchase new inventory.

The inventory here at Lewisco Holdings includes groceries, but we also buy and redistribute alcohol-free beverages, pet food, and household goods.

The risks of liquidation center around reputation damage. Sellers must choose a liquidator that is trustworthy, experienced, and committed to discretion. Lewisco Holdings has stringent policies to provide this confidentiality.

The manufacturer restrictions that rule the sale of liquidation goods relate to display, advertising, wholesaling, and geography. Our buyers are required to follow these guidelines, and we offer Mabel’s Farms, our own private label for repackaging services when brand discretion is impossible. Our reputation precedes us and speaks to our commitment to fair and trustworthy behavior.

Primary distributors, convenience stores, restaurants, and major supermarkets have no access to our inventory. We target our goods to approved buyers with whom we do business. The type of buyer we sell to is far removed from primary channels and may be a private dollar store, correctional facility, school, food bank, flea market vendor, etc.

All transactions that we provide are fulfilled with speed. Liquidated goods require time to be a priority, considering the situations that normally trigger the process. Once goods enter our inventory, the clock begins, and we immediately begin locating and targeting buyers.

These conditions may include discontinued product lines, overstocked inventory, short-coded or close-dated items, outdated versions of goods with updated packaging or formulations, closeout or turndown goods, out of season or promotion products, and all other slow-moving products are welcomed into our inventory.

Lewisco Holdings boasts an incredible logistic capacity to facilitate liquidation speed. Our numerous warehouses from the East Coast to the West Coast, the deep purchase power, specialized liquidation team, and dedicated carrier network make it all possible. We provide immediate payment and same- or next-day payment.

Typically, Lewisco Holdings will buy merchandise that is unwanted by first-line marketers and then redistribute them into secondary markets. Additional services that we provide include serving as a sales force while the owner maintains possession, turnkey access to an auction service, and a sourcing agent for buyers with particular needs.

Excess food inventory triggers liquidations like those provided by Lewisco Holdings. The process will only require providing us with product info and accepting our offer. We do the rest. If you’re interested and would like to schedule service, call Lewisco Holdings at (917) 651-0101 or contact us online.