Food & Grocery Liquidators Tucson, AZ

Stop limiting potential sales with overstocks of slow-selling merchandise. By partnering with food & grocery liquidators at Lewisco Holdings, Tucson, AZ, first-line marketers will be able to reinvest in faster-moving products and recoup some of their investment from a poor product choice. Cut your losses, and keep it moving!

Food & Grocery Liquidators Tucson, AZLewisco Holdings offers an avenue for distributors, importers, exporters, manufacturers, and retailers to transfer unwanted goods out of their customer channels and into secondary markets, where they’re more appropriately used. The food, alcohol-free beverages, pet items, and household goods that you can’t sell belong in liquidation, and we’re the best provider. We offer discretion, speed, and fairness.

We’re able to provide these qualities through the lessons gained from experience. We know how to operate without putting your brand in jeopardy, and we have systems in place to deal with liquidated goods quickly – at the selling and buying end of the process.

The network of customers and clients whom we serve is large and varied. We provide sales to over 400 distinct buyers, all of whom operate in the secondary market as privately owned grocers, salvage food stores, schools, correctional institutions, community food banks, and even Amish/Mennonite Co-ops. If you don’t operate within the secondary market, we do not sell to you. Our buyers must also have a physical location, adhere to all manufacturer restrictions, and clear our screening process.

The quantity of goods that we’re able to buy large volumes of products due to the transportation logistics that we use. Our dedicated carrier network, in conjunction with 13 nationally distributed third-party warehouses allows us to pickup and sell goods fast.

What Goods We Buy

We purchase a wide variety of products to fill our inventory. These goods include shelf-stable dry goods, canned items, and frozen or refrigerated foods, alcohol-free beverages, pet food and treats, bulk spices and candy, HBA items, paper goods, and cleaning chemicals. If you’d like to know if a product would qualify to enter our inventory, reach out to a team member today!

A product isn’t useless just because it no longer belongs in the pristine environment of first-line markets. Overstocked products that won’t sell, closeouts, canceled orders, discontinued product lines, promotional pieces, and many other situations create the need for liquidation.

When we purchase the goods, we deal with them in an appropriate manner, understanding the sensitivity and vulnerability of the brand during liquidation.

Join Our Buyers

Do you want the opportunity to buy any of our brand-name, high-quality goods? If you are a secondary market member, please reach out to benefit from liquidation and do more with less.

You’ll be able to grow your customer base, pass on savings, make more money, and do more with a limited budget. If you have a specific need, we can usually source it within a few days.

Join Our Buyers

If you’d like to join over 50% of the top 100 manufacturers in the US and sell to Lewisco Holdings, contact us today! We take a few pieces of info and send a fast offer, followed by immediate payment and same-day pickup in most cases.

Are you in need of food & grocery liquidators in Tucson, Arizona? Click here or call (917) 210 9395 to speak with the best provider in the business: Lewisco Holdings.