Food & Grocery Liquidators St. Petersburg, FL

Marked-down and clearance goods can be a significant problem for retail spaces and warehouses, preventing reinvestment in better-selling goods. Lewisco Holdings can resolve these issues as the premier food & grocery liquidators serving St. Petersburg, FL, and beyond. Get rid of troubled goods by selling them to us rather than taking a complete loss.

Food & Grocery Liquidators St. Petersburg, FLLewisco Holdings is a buyer and a seller of products that no longer belong in the primary marketplace. Once we have them within our inventory, we then sell them, discreetly, to targeted alternative buyers. The initial company benefits from the returned cash and space for reinvestment, and the buyer gains quality goods at significantly reduced prices. We may not be the only liquidator in town, but we definitely offer the most efficient, trustworthy, and fair process.

Merchandise of Interest to Lewisco Holdings

Lewisco Holdings is able to move a swathe of product categories. From groceries and beverages to pet items and household goods, we buy and sell a variety of goods. If you’re unsure of whether we’ll be interested in your inventory, simply reach out and inquire.

Our nationwide footprint allows us to buy and sell a significant amount of inventory. We distribute our inventory to hundreds of entities, allowing opportunity buyers to enjoy low prices, widen their customer circle, expand their profit margin, or extend a finite budget beyond normal limits.

The buyers whom we normally vet and direct sales toward include a community’s small retail stores, jails and prisons, schools, community food pantries, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, flea market vendors, farmers markets, animal shelters and other non-traditional buyers.

The vetting process that we use makes sure that the accounts we sell products to will provide appropriate brand protections, honor all manufacturer restrictions, and ensure discretion in use and sales.

The Process Used by Lewisco Holdings

Lewisco Holdings operates in a fashion that leverages time and our logistic network. When companies make poor production or purchasing decisions, they turn to liquidators like us to correct the mistake. We take nearly expired products, inventory overruns, discontinued product lines, and otherwise dead goods and give them a new life of use.

The number of companies to whom we provide liquidation is in the thousands. Some of the largest companies in the country count on us to deal appropriately with their goods, protecting the brand’s identity and reputation in the process.

We take discretion seriously. Our buyers are never part of the originally intended customer base, and we prohibit any display, advertising, wholesales, or violations of geographic boundaries.

Steps for Liquidation

Reach out to Lewisco Holdings if you’re interested in liquidation and provide us with the following information:

  • Product type
  • Product brand
  • Product quantity
  • Preferred price
  • Photos
  • Product size
  • Ingredient list
  • Nutrition profile
  • Location

This product information will empower us to tabulate an offer. Once we provide an offer and the seller accepts, we will wire payment immediately and arrange to pick up the purchase the same day or the next.

Right away, we will begin to identify the perfect buyer, directing the transport of goods using our dedicated carrier network and thirteen nationally distributed warehouses.

Now that you’ve found the best food & grocery liquidators serving St. Petersburg, FL, contact us – online or by phone at (917) 210-9395 – for fast, fair, and confidential resolution of qualifying problematic merchandise.