Food & Grocery Liquidators Salem, OR

The food & grocery liquidators of Lewisco Holdings offer a valuable service to the buyers and sellers of liquidation-appropriate merchandise in Salem, OR, and beyond. First-line marketers need a way to offload unwanted goods and recover a portion of the investment. Our team leads the nation because we provide discreet, fast, and fair transfer of goods from the first lines of distribution and conceal them completely within secondary markets.

Food & Grocery Liquidators Salem, ORLewisco Holdings has decades of experience that have taught us what works and allowed us to develop best practices and streamlined processes. The experience that we can provide will outperform all of the other liquidators you’ve considered. Perhaps that’s why over 50% of the top 100 manufacturers in the US choose us.

Products that remain stored longer than necessary limit profitability. Companies may even see their brands begin to suffer when their merchandise no longer seems desirable to customers. Protect your brand and your bottom line by cutting your losses sooner rather than later. We liquidate any products that are poor sellers, overstocked, near or past expiration or best-by dates, closeouts, discontinued, leftovers from recently updated product lines, promotional, holiday, etc.

The goods that we buy and redistribute fall into a range of categories, but they’re primarily grocery and beverage items. We also handle pet food and treats, cleaning products, cosmetics and hygiene products, paper goods, and other household closeouts. When we buy these goods, they will never again be exposed to customers in the primary marketplace. We take extensive steps to protect the brand identity and reputation of our customers.

Our process of liquidation is convenient and simple. You’ll just need to tell us a bit about the products you want to sell. We’ll need photographs, every date on the interior and exterior of the package, the nutrition profile on the package, ingredient list, label/brand, the size of the package, number of goods per unit/case/pallet/load, location, and preferred price.

Protecting the brand is one of our priorities. We have a large group of customers who are trusted and proven to respect the vulnerability of a brand during liquidation. One of the primary ways that we protect the brand is to limit its exposure. We do not broker or trade, nor do we sell outside of the secondary market. All of our buyers have a physical location, do not wholesale products, and respect the guidelines against marketing and display common to any liquidation sale.

The secondary market we serve includes schools, prisons, jails, Amish and Mennonite co-ops, food banks, deep-discount salvage grocers, and other off-the-beaten-track opportunity buyers.

Any damage that occurs to a brand’s reputation during liquidation is unacceptable. In addition to the measures described above, we also provide Mabel’s Farms, our own brand for repackaging services to fully conceal the brand when it’s otherwise too difficult to be discreet.

Do you have shelves overrun by merchandise that just won’t move? Are you concerned that the overhead costs keep accumulating, but sales are slowing? The answer may just be found with the food & grocery liquidators of Lewisco Holdings; we serve Salem, OR, as well as the rest of the continental US. Click here or call (917) 210 9395 to take advantage of our nationwide footprint, deep well of purchase power, and quick-as-lightning purchase processes.