Food & Grocery Liquidators Richmond, VA

The food & grocery liquidators of Lewisco Holdings serve the area of Richmond, VA, and beyond. Our footprint spans the entire continental United States, and we have the capacity to move large volumes of products.

Food & Grocery Liquidators Richmond, VASavings on merchandise is a great benefit of liquidation. We buy products that no longer suit first lines of distribution and sell them into secondary ones. Non-traditional outlets are then able to pass on the savings and the products to organizations and shoppers that are happy for the opportunity to buy brand-name, quality goods at ridiculously low prices.

We provide solutions for slow-moving inventory that are both quick and straightforward. Our buyers find quality goods that have been purchased for liquidation. We do not broker or trade; we buy and resell.

From families looking for every penny’s worth of savings at a salvage grocery store to a small-budgeted organization looking to do as much good as possible, a wide variety of entities benefit from the liquidation work we do at Lewisco Holdings. We offer an impressive range of product categories.

Salvage, liquidated groceries are those that shouldn’t be in the first lines of distribution any longer. Whether slightly damaged, leftover after a promotion or holiday sale, part of a discontinued or upgraded product line, turned down by the original customer, or otherwise slow to sell, liquidated goods are still usable. Rely on the team at Lewisco Holdings to be up front and honest about the condition of the goods that we sell.

Tips for Shoppers New to Tight Budgets and Salvage Grocery Shopping

If you’re new to the world of the salvage grocery store, don’t be intimidated. You can save quite a bit of cash, but you need to know when a price is a good price, when it’s a stock up worthy price, and how much is too much for your family to stock.

For instance, a jar of salsa for 50% off of regular price might seem like a fantastic deal, and it is. But, how much salsa can your family use before the salsa turns? Knowing your family’s grocery habits and planning meals around your current pantry are essential for thrifty shoppers.

Use a notebook, your laptop, or your phone to keep track of your common pantry items, their lowest sales price in a primary retail environment, and how quickly you use them. You can also research the typical lifespan for these products.

Just as important as knowing when and how much to buy when shopping at a salvage grocery store is knowing when to walk away from salvage merchandise. Consider the use by, best by, and sale by dates, as well as what these dates mean for different products. Canned products without deep dents can last many years past the expiration dates, but milk or yogurt will be lucky to last a week post-expiration.

Frozen items are also good for far longer than you might think. Inspect these items for evidence of freezer burn before purchasing.

Dry goods are typically shelf-stable and will last well beyond the packaging dates as long as they’re kept out of extreme heat or cold. Inspect the packaging well to make sure that it’s not torn or broken, that cans aren’t deeply dented, and that seals haven’t popped.

The food & grocery liquidators of Lewisco Holdings are able to provide inventory to salvage grocery stores and other opportunity buyers in Richmond, VA, with quality goods that help budget-tightening families survive tough economic times. Click here or call (917) 651-0101 to sell products to or buy from our inventory.