Food & Grocery Liquidators Glendale, AZ

The professional liquidators of food & grocery products you’ll find at Lewisco Holdings can resolve product issues for companies in Glendale, AZ. Just because products no longer belong in the first lines of distribution doesn’t make them useless. Sell them to us to recoup as much as possible of the investment.

A foremost liquidator in the United States, Lewisco Holdings serves customers and clients all over the nation. The inventory we sell and redistribute isn’t limited by location or volume. We serve the entire Lower 48—buyers and sellers—without sacrificing the quality of our service or the products that we sell.

Food & Grocery Liquidators Glendale, AZWe welcome a variety of product catagories into our inventory by purchasing them from primary market players that can no longer sell them. These situations may range from being part of a canceled order to being almost an expired or best-by date, overstocked or overrun, an outdated version of a recently updated product (packaging or formula), items marked as closeout, part of a discontinued product line, part of a promotion, or otherwise presenting disappointing sales figures. If the products aren’t making you money, they’re costing you money, so liquidate them through the best: Lewisco Holdings.

Our expertise extends from the purchase to the sale of liquidated goods, so we’re able to buy and redistribute a variety of merchandise categories that include dry, refrigerated, frozen, and canned grocceries; alcohol-free beverages; wet and dry pet food/treats; cleaning tools and chemicals; paper products; HBA items; and so much more. Reach out to the team at Lewisco Holdings for more information about what we handle.

Over 400 separate customers avail themselves of the opportunity to make purchases from our inventory. Whether you’re a deep-discount salvage grocer, a correctional institution, school system, food bank, Amish or Mennonite co-op, or another secondary market member, we want to hear from you if you’re willing to follow manufacturer restrictions and desire high-quality brand-name goods at deeply discounted prices.

Once we purchase goods, our commitment to our clients doesn’t end. We deal with all products confidentially, due to a healthy sensitivity to the brand’s vulnerability during liquidation measures. Our commitment to our clients and customers is well-known. All buyers are second market members, and we vet them well.

Clients also choose Lewisco Holdings because of our speed. We provide offers as quickly as possible after a request, often the same day. If a deal is made, we pay immediatley and unburden our clients of the merchandise that day or the one to follow. We have a dedicated carrier network and thirteen 3rd party warehouses we use for all of these transfers.

As liquidators, we don’t broker or trade, nor do we sell to restaurants, supermarkets, or convenience stores. The products that we buy are never reintroduced into the first lines of distribution.

When we trust a buyer, they follow all geographic and marketing rules. They can’t sell online or wholesale, and when discretion is difficult, we employ our private brand, Mabel’s Farms, for repackaging.

If you need the services of food & grocery liquidators in Glendale, AZ, click here or call (917) 210 9395 to work with the best in the business at Lewisco Holdings. Aged, slightly damaged, or simply a slow mover – we don’t care; we can find the perfect buyer for your unwanted merchandise.