Food & Grocery Liquidators Eugene, OR

The cost of hanging on to languishing merchandise is more than the loss of the initial investment. The products require energy and space to store, and the opportunity to stock better selling merchandise is also lost. Problematic food & grocery goods in Eugene, OR, are best handled by professional liquidators, like those you’ll find at Lewisco Holdings.

Food & Grocery Liquidators Eugene, ORLiquidation is the purchase of goods from the original holder at a discount and then the redistribution of those goods into alternative customer channels. This process allows the original seller to recoup some of the investment, allows the buyer to enjoy the opportunity to buy quality goods at a fraction of the usual price, and prevents the needless waste of usable goods.

Lewisco Holdings is a proven leader in the liquidation arena, with a footprint from the East to the West Coasts. When customers turn to us, they appreciate the integrity, speed, and straightforward way that we operate.

What Makes a Good Worthy of Liquidation?

Products are right for liquidation when they no longer meet the flawless standard of the first lines of distribution. Reasons may vary but could include being overstocked, left unsold after a product update, slightly damaged, part of a canceled order, or simply a slow seller that isn’t meeting projected sales figures. Manufacturers often choose to cut their losses and move on to proven product production.

We’re able to service sellers and buyers of liquidation goods all over the US, and we do so quickly. Lewisco Holdings logistic process features:

  • 13 third-party warehouses throughout the nation
  • Dedicated network of haulers
  • Deep buying power
  • A strong group of buyers and sellers.

When you sell grocery, beverage, pet, and general merchandise products to Lewisco Holdings, you’ll experience an impressive liquidation service. We offer top liquidation prices for purchase; we pay right away via wire; we pick up our purchase the same day or the next; and we ensure brand protection for all of the products we handle.

The Essential Protection of Liquidated Goods

Liquidation involves trusting outsiders to protect the brand image from being exposed in less-than-ideal circumstances. Lewisco Holdings provides confidentiality assurances by limiting our buyers to secondary market members, requiring adherence to all manufacturer restrictions, and providing a private label for repackaging.

The secondary market exists completely separate from the initial customer channels. A Lewisco Holdings buyer is never a restaurant or a supermarket. We sell to jails and prisons, schools, community food banks, privately owned salvage grocery stores, Amish and Mennonite co-ops, and other non-traditional customers. Every single buyer who shops our inventory refrains from marketing, wholesale sales, internet sales, or violating geographic limitations.

In return for following these rules, our buyers benefit by being able to buy top brands at deeply discounted prices.

The Basics of the Liquidation Process

Liquidation begins with a contact from the seller to the team here at Lewisco Holdings. Via phone or online, provide us with the following info about the products that you need to offload:

  • Photos
  • Brand
  • Ingredient list
  • Nutrition facts
  • Dates on the inside and outside of the packaging
  • Package size
  • Quantity per case, pallet, and load
  • Location
  • Desired price.

That’s all we need to provide you with an offer, and if you accept, we pay and pick up the goods quickly and begin targeted redistribution right away.

Benefit from the expertise of the food & grocery liquidators at Lewisco Holdings as a buyer or seller in Eugene, OR. Click here or call (917) 210 9395 to get the ball rolling on your liquidation experience today.