Food & Grocery Liquidators Brookhaven, NY

Sales figures may disappoint, but you don’t have to be left with a complete loss. Choose the professional food & grocery liquidators of Lewisco Holdings to offload unwanted goods in Brookhaven, NY. We work to incredible standards and satisfy the needs of our sellers and customers.

Food & Grocery Liquidators Brookhaven, NYThe foremost provider of liquidation for food, beverages, and general household goods in the US, Lewisco Holdings is proud to have served the majority of the top 100 brands in the country. We’re able to buy any volume of products no matter where you’re found or the month on the calendar. Our team awaits the opportunity to provide you with a confidential service to bury unwanted goods into more appropriate channels.

Thousands of manufacturers, wholesalers, and other distributors sell goods to Lewisco Holdings for liquidation. We’re one of the foremost liquidators in the US, offering brand and customer protections. We are not brokers or traders. We purchase merchandise outright from the primary market for deeply discounted liquidation redistribution into the secondary market.

The criteria for liquidation vary. Goods may be near or past expiration or best-by dates, discontinued, remainders of a recently updated product line, closeouts, overstocks, overrun, slightly damaged, mislabeled, canceled, seasonal, promotional, or otherwise disappointing in terms of sales.

Discretion is key to liquidation. Lewisco Holdings offers all of our buyers the opportunity to purchase high-quality goods at the lowest price point. In return, we require that buyers follow manufacturer restrictions, including zero online sales, marketing, violations of regional boundaries, wholesales, etc. We screen all of our buyers and never reintroduce goods into the primary market. Liquidated merchandise shouldn’t be seen in less than pristine condition in a manner that could damage the brand. We offer repackaging as Mabel’s Farms to secure this discretion when it’s otherwise difficult to achieve.

Lewisco Holdings buyers number just over 400 separate organizations spread across the US. The typical buyer may be an independent mom-and-pop retailer, a salvage grocery store, a farmer’s market, a community food bank, a correctional institution, or a school. We sell to a large group of buyers and move products efficiently.

We know how important brand protection is to liquidation efforts. Your brand’s reputation depends on how discreetly and carefully we handle the process, so we make sure that we understand how you want the product handled before we ever begin looking for a buyer. Even then, our group of buyers includes only secondary market members who follow restrictions.

Liquidation can be efficient and is always straightforward. We will need a few photos, the brand, ingredient list, nutrition profile, dates, package size, quantity per unit/case/pallet/load, location, and preferred price to create an offer for purchase. If you like the offer, we will wire payment immediately and collect the goods we buy that day or the next.

In addition to liquidation, consider Lewisco Holdings if you need experts with connections to find a buyer and arrange for drop shipment. We can also provide an auction solution for sellers or source specific products for buyers.

Customers and sellers of excess goods in Brookhaven, NY, find professional food & grocery liquidators at Lewisco Holdings. Our team will allow you to clear shelves and cash flow for future investment. Click here or call (917) 210-9395 to begin liquidation or make liquidation purchases.