Food & Grocery Closeouts

The nature of the grocery business necessitates the liquidation of food and grocery closeouts. Lewisco Holdings provides the solution for aging grocery products. Instead of throwing out everything that’s passed its best-by date, allow us to purchase the goods and re-sell them to our secondary line of distribution.

Food & Grocery CloseoutsGrocery, pet, and general merchandise are all eligible for liquidation through Lewisco. Businesses with slow-selling merchandise, out of season inventory, discontinued products, cancelled orders, irregular products, or close to or expired products are able to recoup a portion of their investment instead of losing the entire amount already spent.

Those who choose to sell closeout products to Lewisco Holdings recover shelf space and cash, and those who buy from us gain low-cost, brand-name merchandise. Whether you need to sell slow-moving food and grocery products or would like to become a buyer of such, the reputation of Lewisco Holdings speaks for itself.

Time, experience, and good client relationships set Lewisco Holdings apart from other liquidation companies. Our numerous sellers and buyers enable us to handle large or small quantities of all sorts of products. In fact, we have warehouses located from coast to coast to facilitate fast liquidation when products have a limited shelf life remaining.

When You Have Closeouts, Cancellations, or Slow-Moving Inventory… Call Lewisco Holdings

Don’t take a complete loss. Lewisco Holdings is an expert in removing goods from the primary market and redistributing them to secondary lines of distribution. Our services extend to food (frozen, refrigerated, canned, or shelf-stable dry options), pet food and treats (wet or dry), and general merchandise (cleaning, health and beauty, and paper products).

Beginning the process of selling to Lewisco Holdings is easy. We offer a streamlined process that begins with a simple phone call. All that you’ll need to provide is relevant product information and photos, location, and preferred price. We purchase products from more than 3,000 full-line distributors, manufacturers, importers, and exporters, and we’re happy to have another join the club.

Sometimes, sellers like to maintain ownership and have us sell their inventory and arrange shipping on their behalf. We’re happy to provide this service as well.

When You’d Like to Purchase Quality, Name Brand Goods at Bottom Dollar Prices… Call Lewisco Holdings

Making purchases from Lewisco Holdings is not as simple a process, for very good reason. Each of our buyers has to demonstrate a strong sense of respect for manufacturer restrictions regarding geography, advertising, and potential customers. We screen all buyers to make sure that brand, reputation, and primary distributors’ customers are protected.

More than 400 distinct organizations make purchases from Lewisco Holdings, and when we have product to move, we make sure that it’s buried deeply within this line of distribution. Mabel’s Farm, our own label, is a clear example of how we protect our sellers by providing repackaging and branding for the ultimate brand protection.

Examples of potential buyers include community food banks, correctional institutions, deep-discount salvage grocers and mom and pop shops, and even schools. We never allow redistribution to flow back into the primary line of distribution.

When you need the services of a leader in the liquidation arena for food and grocery closeouts, Lewisco Holdings awaits your call: (917) 651-0101. We’re the best option for distributors looking to mitigate losses and buyers who need to maximize budgets.