Food Closeouts Liquidation

Food distribution channels must include an avenue for liquidation of closeouts. Lewisco Holdings’s measures of operations provide dead merchandise with a second life while allowing the source company to regain a portion of its investment.

Food Closeouts LiquidationLewisco Holdings serves many of the nation’s largest producers, distributors, and retailers.

Food inventory typically doesn’t age well, but businesses with slow sales don’t have to lose the whole investment. Lewisco Holdings can purchase these products and resell them to members of the secondary market.

Understanding Lewisco Holdings Operations

The primary goal of Lewisco Holdings is to protect primary market customers from being exposed to branded goods in less than ideal conditions. We’re proud to help collect as much as we can of the cost as we take the products out of your way. At the same time, we offer private retailers and organizations with quality goods that can be used in alternative venues.

We need two essential elements to liquidate appropriately; these include trusted buyers and diverse sellers as well as a broad capacity for transport. Our lengthy history, substantial rolodex, and thirteen strategically placed warehouses allow us to serve the entire contiguous US with liquidation services.

We liquidate more than food products. Our inventory does include frozen, shelf-stable dry goods, refrigerated, and canned foods; alcohol-free beverages like water, soda, and juice; wet and dry pet food and treats; and household merchandise like paper products, cleaning products, and HBA items.

The Protection Included for the Brand’s Identity and Reputation

Liquidation can be risky for branded products, but not if the companies choose Lewisco Holdings. The products in question will be concealed without any display, advertising, wholesales, or violations of geographic boundaries, and if branded concealment is difficult, we provide repackaging under our own private label, Mabel’s Farm.

The liquidation that we provide does not include sales to primary market members like convenience stores, primary supermarkets, restaurants, or full-line distributors. We do provide our inventory in a targeted fashion to 400 buyers including deep-discount salvage grocery stores, mom-and-pop stores, jails and prisons, schools, food banks, flea market vendors, and other alternative markets. These buyers can use the savings to grow a margin of profit, a customer base, and a menu of services.

The Products We Buy at Lewisco Holdings

The network of buyers and sellers associated with Lewisco Holdings allows us to quickly liquidate goods. Conditions that will trigger this liquidation include discontinued product lines, overstocked inventory, short-coded or close-dated goods, package and recipe changes, closeouts and clearance, out-of-season merchandise, and other slow-moving goods.

The process of liquidation that we use includes the strategically located warehouses within the US to allow us to move a large volume of goods. We also have the capacity to buy great quantities and move quickly. When we come to terms on an agreement for purchase, we will pick up the products that day or the next.

Alternatives to liquidation do exist. We also provide the services of a proxy sales team and a turnkey auction service. For our buyers, we will source goods upon their request.

The liquidation of food closeouts through Lewisco Holdings allows for timely and worry-free solutions to this type of product. To schedule your one-time or recurring liquidation service, call (917) 651-0101.