Food Closeout Buyers New York

New York food closeout buyers, consider Lewisco Holdings as your ideal source of inventory. We liquidate products, purchasing them from the primary markets and redistributing them into appropriate alternative channels. that merit liquidation include conditions that make goods imperfect enough to no longer belong in pristine, first-distribution markets while still being useful. Examples of conditions of typical products within our inventory include being short-coded or close-dated, nearing or passed best by or expiration dates, overstock or overrun, leftovers from discontinued or updated product lines, marked down or closeout items, canceled or turned down orders, or otherwise slow-moving merchandise. Transparency is a hallmark of the Lewisco Holdings process. 

Lewisco Holdings is a premier independently owned liquidator, specializing in grocery and beverage liquidation, serving the entire Lower 48. We have a large network of buyers and sellers, established processes, and capable logistics that allow us to perform fast, fair, and confidential liquidation.

First-line marketers do not need to let merchandise languish in storage when sales falter. Recoupment is maximized by calling on the team here at Lewisco Holdings to handle unwanted grocery, beverage, pet, and general merchandise. 

Brand Protection Baked into the Process

Lewisco Holdings highly restricts where and how we redistribute liquidated products. Our sales are targeted to buyers whom we trust; we do not sell to well-known restaurants, supermarkets, wholesalers, or convenience stores. Instead, we offer merchandise to private retailers, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, community food banks, prisons and jails, schools, after-school programs, flea market vendors, and other non-tradition outlets, keeping the original brand from being seen in less than pristine condition where it shouldn’t .

Liquidation must respect the brand of the company selling the goods, and Lewisco Holdings would not have the reputation we do without the confidential nature of our service. We handle secondary distribution carefully, making sure that the brand’s identity and reputation are protected.

Purchasing agents who come to Lewisco Holdings must submit to our terms of sale and our vetting processes. We sell to hundreds of customers, all of whom refrain from advertising, display, wholesaling, or violating geographic limitations.

How We Operate

Lewisco Holdings operates with discretion and fairness along with speed. The process will begin with the provision of product information including photographs, the label/brand, list of ingredients, nutrition facts, all dates from the interior and exterior of the package, package size, quality of product per unit/case/pallet/load, location for purchase collection, and preferred price.

We can generally make an offer the same day that we receive this information.

Once we reach an agreed-upon price, we wire payment right away and then arrange for collection of goods the same day or the following one. As soon as the products are within our inventory, we will immediately begin to target products within our buyer group.

If this method isn’t the best for you, consider our other two service options:

  • Proxy sales = we find the buyer and arrange for drop shipment while you retain ownership of the goods
  • Turnkey auction service = comprehensive connection to an auction platform

If you have storage spaces and shelves packed with problematic goods, make room for new investments and lessen losses by selling to Lewisco Holdings, or if you would like to take advantage of food closeout goods as New York buyers, reach out to (917) 651-0101 or click here to contact us online.