Excess Snack Food Inventory Buyers

Do you operate a day care operation, a community food bank, a school cafeteria, or even an after-school program? These entities, and many others, are often interested in becoming buyers of excess snack food inventory. Lewisco Holdings offers a way for customers in the secondary market to widen their profit margin or increase the purchasing power of a limited budget.

Excess Snack Food Inventory BuyersLewisco Holdings is a major liquidator of all sorts of products ranging from food and grocery items to general merchandise. We handle any quantity of goods and send them into secondary lines with discretion, speed, and fairness as the primary characteristics.

But Aren’t Liquidated Goods Bad?

All too often people assume that liquidated goods are no longer viable for use. This misinformed line of thinking can be quite costly in the form of lost opportunity savings. The condition of goods that we buy and sell may be as mis-cut, marked as closeout, near or past best by or expiration dates, or slow-selling for any other reason. Goods that we re-distribute are still in usable condition, and we handle their distribution quickly to maximize the remainder of their usable term.

Our mission, as liquidators, is to take goods out of the primary market and bury them deeply within the secondary market. As part of our process, we target goods to select members of our buying network, requiring that they follow manufacturer restrictions and repackage under our own private label, Mabel’s Farms, when display discretion is difficult. We maintain that the goods we liquidate will never be sold to the originally intended market or seen in less than ideal conditions with branding visible.

The Liquidation Process via Lewisco Holdings

When first-line distributors, retailers, manufacturers, and warehouses face excess inventory, they pick up the phone and call Lewisco Holdings. We deal with many of the foremost companies in the United States and provide top-quality, branded goods at the lowest possible prices. We rescue quality goods from being lost to circumstance while providing as much of the investment back as we can.

Companies in need of liquidation sell to us because of our reputation for professionalism, fairness, discretion, and speed. Lewisco Holdings provides fast offers and compensation followed by same- or next-day pickup. We’re able to transport goods quickly by way of our dedicated national carrier line and league of warehouses located across the country. Additional benefits come with Lewisco Holdings including contacts to the auction network, a variety of buyers, the option to allow us to sell products while you retain ownership, and absolute top dollar payments.

To begin the liquidation process, deliver a bit of product info to us. We need photographs of the products in question, the brand name/label, the ingredient list, product size, nutrition facts, all dates anywhere on the package, the location of pickup, the volume of goods broken down by units per case, cases per pallet, and pallets per load, and loads of goods, and the preferred price for purchase.

Buying from us is as simple as can be. To become a buyer of excess snack food inventory, contact us at Lewisco Holdings online or by calling (917) 651-0101. Once you submit to our screening procedures and let us know the types of goods that pique your interests, we’ll reach out when our inventory matches your need.