Excess Inventory Buyers Florida

Lewisco Holdings handles excess inventory well, with buyers throughout Florida and beyond who put the discounts available to good use. Our process removes troubled products from their first homes and redeposits them into more suitable areas.

Excess Inventory Buyers FloridaThe liquidation sector is an integral part of the distribution chain, and Lewisco Holdings leads the industry. Our experience, capacity, and contacts make this status possible. We have both a wealth of customers from whom we buy inventory and hundreds of buyers who strive to take advantage of rock bottom prices for brand name, quality goods. Each of these buyers is thoroughly vetted and proven to be trustworthy.

In addition to direct liquidation, Lewisco Holdings also provides a turnkey auction service and a proxy sales force for the best return possible.

The categories of goods that we stock within our inventory include non-alcoholic refreshments, groceries, pet items, and household products. Our buyers stock these quality goods on their shelves to pass on savings to customers or maximize the small budget of an organization. We sell to all of the following types of buyers:

  • Private grocers
  • Prisons and jails
  • Schools
  • Salvage grocery stores
  • Food banks
  • Flea market vendors
  • Farmers markets
  • Additional secondary market members

Our customer list does not include any of our inventory sources. We do not provide goods for restaurants, supermarkets, or convenience stores. The buyers that are within our 400-strong buying group are thoroughly screened, and we target sales according to interests.

Of critical importance to our buying group is discretion and submission to manufacturer guidelines. To purchase products from within our inventory, buyers must refrain from advertising, display, wholesaling, or extending beyond geographic bounds.

Members of the secondary market can come to us to purchase products at low prices. All that we require to become a buyer is that you establish your commitment to discretion and let us know the type of goods of interest.

It’s even easier to sell to us. When you have problematic inventory, reach out to us with the relevant product information, and we will oblige accordingly. We have the purchasing power, national dedicated carrier network, and thirteen warehouses around the country, making it possible for us to pay a fair price with quick offers, payments, and pickup.

The specific information about liquidation worthy products that we require to make an offer includes the following:

  • Label/brand
  • Ingredient list
  • Nutritional info
  • Photographs
  • Dates from the inside and outside of the package
  • Size of the package
  • Number of units per case
  • Number of cases per pallet
  • Number of pallets per load
  • Product location
  • Desired price

Choose Lewisco Holdings for quick removal of unwanted goods from primary distribution spaces and prompt transfer to appropriate markets. We tabulate and deliver offers quickly once we have the appropriate info, provide immediate payment if you agree, and pick up the same-day or the next.

Once within our possession, this inventory is sold in a targeted fashion to buyers established in our buyer network.

Excess inventory buyers and sellers in Florida are able to take advantage of the expert liquidation of Lewisco Holdings. If you’d like to speak with our team, reach out by calling (917) 651-0101 or click here. Our processes are able to benefit both our sources and our customers in a manner that is less wasteful in terms of product, investment, time, and effort.