Excess Food Stock Liquidation

The liquidation of excess food stock is a necessary practice within the distribution of groceries and other household merchandise. The service that Lewisco Holdings provides allows primary market members to avoid losing their whole investment while ensuring fast, fair, and effortless service. Our footprint covers the entire continental United States as we offer liquidation purchases and redistribution to a wide array of buyers and sellers.

Excess Food Stock LiquidationOur capacity to buy and transport goods allows us to provide confidential service to thousands of sellers and hundreds of buyers nationwide.

Understanding Liquidation

The transfer of taking excess products from primary markets and sending them into alternative sales channels is liquidation. We buy from first-line producers, wholesalers, retailers, and distributors, and we sell to secondary customers like prisons, schools, flea market vendors, salvage grocery stores, etc.

Lewisco Holdings is a highly experienced liquidator with deep purchase power, thirteen strategically placed warehouses, and a dedicated carrier network for transport of goods. These elements allow us to provide speedy transfer of goods that often have a ticking clock attached.

Key Features of Lewisco Holdings Liquidation Service

  • We are liquidation buyers, not brokers or traders.
  • Speed and customer satisfaction drive our efforts.
  • Liquidation delivers space for new product purchases.
  • Liquidation mitigates losses and recoups some of the investment.
  • Privacy protection is of the ultimate importance.
  • We follow all manufacturer restrictions.
  • Our liquidation capacity isn’t affected by volume, location, or season.
  • Strategic warehouse placement promotes efficiency.
  • Lewisco Holdings buyers are far removed from normal customer channels.
  • We offer quick service throughout the process.
  • We can buy all of your unwanted goods without excess stress.
  • Liquidation pickup the same or next day is critical.

The liquidation that we provide includes more than food products. We also buy and resell alcohol-free beverages, pet food and treats of all types, and household goods. We’ll be happy to liquidate any problematic goods you encounter.

We buy from 3,000+ different producers, distributors, and retailers. The products that we buy are typically in a condition that makes them inappropriate for the primary market. These situations may include any of the following:

  • Overstocked
  • Canceled or turned down
  • Close-dated
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Slow-moving merchandise
  • Outdated versions of merchandise with updated packaging or formulas
  • Closeout or clearance items
  • Seasonal, promotional, or holiday goods
  • Private labels
  • Mis-labeled products

Once we buy goods and they’re part of our inventory, we transfer the goods deeply within alternative markets. The buyer group we sell to numbers over 400 separate entities. All of our buyers are thoroughly screened, and we demand that they follow all manufacturer restrictions regarding display, advertising, the geography of sales, and wholesaling. In fact, our own private label, Mabel’s Farm, is used as part of our repackaging service to conceal the brand when it’s difficult.

When the time comes that your shelves begin to be blocked with aging merch that doesn’t sell, don’t keep it. You will accrue overhead costs and prevent the purchase of material that will turn a profit. Our service will help you secure space and cash to invest in more profitable products.

Lewisco Holdings is a primary provider of excess food stock liquidation. We provide a nationwide footprint, offering a professional, courteous, and discreet liquidation experience, and you can begin the sale of liquidation or the purchase of liquidated goods by calling (917) 651-0101.