Closeout Food Buyers California

Closeout food buyers in California make use of products that weren’t well suited to their original homes. Lewisco Holdings buys these products and then liquidates them into alternative channels where they find discreet second lives.

Closeout Food Buyers CaliforniaThe leading liquidator in the US, Lewisco Holdings serves the entire Lower 48. We have experience and proven liquidation capacity to deal with any volume of products. If you want to unburden yourself of excess merchandise or become a buyer of these goods, contact the team here at Lewisco Holdings. We’re experts in the field and can cater the services we provide to meet your business’s needs.

Lewisco Holdings Inventory – Categories of Merchandise

  • Frozen, refrigerated, dry, and canned food
  • Alcohol-free, shelf-stable beverages
  • Wet and dry pet food and treats
  • HBA products
  • Bulk candy, spices, staples
  • Paper merchandise
  • Cleaning tools and chemicals
  • Other household goods

Lewisco Holdings Inventory – Liquidation Worthy Conditions

  • Near or past expiration or best by dates
  • Marked down or closeout
  • Discontinued products
  • Turned down loads or canceled orders
  • Leftover from seasonal, holiday, or promotional lines
  • Older versions of updated products
  • Overstocked
  • Slow-selling for any other reason

Why Sell to Lewisco Holdings

Disappointing product purchases happen; it’s an inevitable part of doing business. First-line distributors can recover from these disappointments quickly by choosing to sell their goods to us. Offsetting losses through liquidation is a matter of course in product distribution, and no liquidator makes it easier than Lewisco Holdings.

Keeping slow-moving goods too long is problematic. You’ll lack space for better selling products and the cash to purchase new goods. If you wait too long, you risk losing your entire investment, so make sure to time your liquidation call well.

The entire purchase can be completed quickly and without requiring much of your time.

We will need to know the label and brand of the products, and we’ll need some photographs. The rest of the info that we will need to tabulate an offer includes the package size, ingredients, nutrition facts, all dates on the packaging, the quantity of goods, your location, and your preferred price.

If you like our offer, which we’ll usually send the same day, we will pay straight away and collect the purchase that same day or the following one.

Our dedicated national carrier network and thirteen warehouses across the country allow us to make quick work of pickup, storage, and delivery.

The Second Life of Liquidation Goods

The sales channels that we address at Lewisco Holdings are well-screened and part of the alternative network of distribution. We sell to a few hundred buyers, spread throughout the US. The processes that we use allow us to buy and redistribute vast volumes of merchandise, but we recognize the need of protecting the brand and the primary customer markets.

We do not sell to the originally intended customer, meaning supermarkets, restaurants, or convenience stores. Instead, we target sales to smaller private retailers, community food pantries, jails and prisons, educational institutions, exporters, salvage grocery stores, flea market vendors, farmers markets, and other alternative customers. Each of these buyers refrains from violating manufacturer rules concerning advertising, display, wholesaling, or geographic limitations.

If you operate in California as a primary or secondary member of the distribution chain, reach out to Lewisco Holdings to reap the benefits of closeout food buyers. Discover more or participate by calling (917) 210-9395 or contacting us online.