Closeout Food Brokers

As closeout food liquidators, Lewisco Holdings purchases and redistributes off-peak merchandise from primary markets into the hands of members of the secondary marketplace. Unlike brokers, we purchase and redistribute goods into more appropriate customer channels. This liquidation process allows companies that sell to us to begin purchasing new inventory without losing all of their investment while also providing buyers with quality goods at deeply discounted prices.

Closeout Food BrokersLewisco Holdings stands as a premiere liquidation provider. We have long-standing networked relationships with sellers and buyers of slow-moving goods. In addition, the financial and transportation capacities we offer enable us to purchase many different types and quantities of goods.

Over 3,000 primary market members entrust us with their products. We understand that these clients rely on us to protect their brands, follow manufacturer guidelines, and provide quick service. When we buy and re-sell products, they’re buried well within the secondary market.

Selling to Lewisco Holdings

The main problem with liquidation is the protection of branding. No company wants a well-respected brand to be heavily displayed in a less than ideal setting. Lewisco Holdings deals with this concern by vetting and targeting our buyers. We make sure that our customers are far from primary purchasing channels and that they refrain from advertising or display, even to the point of providing re-packaging services under the label of Mabel’s Farms.

The buyers we service comprise a group that is 400 strong. We sell to independent stores, community food pantries, correctional facilities, educational institutions, and deep-discount salvage grocers. We can provide a clear way to purchase significantly discounted quality goods to these entities, but we will not sell to primary market members like restaurants, supermarkets, or full-line distributors. The customers of our clients and our own buyers are never the same.

With a large buyer group, we can sell all sorts of goods at any time of year and in any amount, and our selling network can be confident that the brand is protected and safe throughout the process.

At Lewisco Holdings, we buy merchandise, paying and picking up the same or next day, and then quickly turning it around for redistribution into the secondary market. We have thirteen warehouses distributed throughout the country and a dedicated carrier fleet for swift transportation of any goods.

The buyers of closeout goods benefit from greatly discounted goods with high levels of quality for these name-brand goods in the food, beverage, and general merchandise categories.

With our deeply slashed prices, we can help organizations stretch limited budgets and small stores maximize profits. When secondary market players are looking for special goods or types of products, we can even provide a way to find them and a source for buying them.

If you’re ready to sell or buy goods, reach out to Lewisco Holdings and give all the info needed about what you have to sell or what you’d like to buy. We have a ready team of professional liquidators waiting to help pair your needs with products, shipment, and other details.

Lewisco Holdings has the capacity to transform your closeout food problem into open cash flow and cleared shelves. We’re not brokers. Once we purchase goods, we redistribute them into better places. Those who need to eliminate any quantity of slow-selling goods or would like to buy low-priced quality goods should reach out to us at their earliest convenience: (917) 210-9395.