Closeout Cat Food Buyers

If buyers for your closeout cat food products seem to be non-existent, call Lewisco Holdings. As a leading liquidator, we will purchase and redistribute your inventory into the secondary market.

Closeout Cat Food BuyersWe make liquidation simple. With a few pieces of vital information, we’ll provide you with a fair price for the entire load of goods you need to offload.

The Market for Liquidated Cat Food

What sets Lewisco Holdings apart from other liquidators is our long history of trustworthy dealings, brand protection, and fast-paced efforts. If you have a couple of pallets or a full warehouse of cat food, call Lewisco Holdings to recoup your investment.

While Lewisco Holdings specializes in a range of products including grocery items, non-alcoholic beverages, and general merchandise, we welcome pet items as well, including cat food. Kibble, canned food, treats, freeze-dried, and any other type of cat food is welcome in our catalog of liquidation.

When this category of products begins to near the best by dates, linger after a new variation has been developed, or simply sell more slowly than anticipated, liquidation will allow you to cut your losses and stock more profitable cat food varieties.

Locating a buyer for these goods might be difficult for you, but it won’t be for us. We have relationships with more than 400 separate entities who buy liquidated products when the opportunity arises. We will target your cat food products to the ideal buyer whether it be a privately owned retailer, animal shelter, etc.

Once you’ve decided to liquidate, Lewisco Holdings is the clear choice. Our respect for your brand is unfailing. We promise discretion throughout the liquidation process and will ensure that your products will only be seen in the best of circumstances and will not be redistributed to originally intended customers. If brand concealment is difficult, we’ll provide repackaging under the private liquidation brand, Mabel’s Farms.

Secondary market exposure via liquidation protects the original brand. We have plenty of buyers with various needs and a sufficient network of carriers and warehouses, so we can liquidate your products without delay.

The liquidation process doesn’t have to be drawn out or complicated. We provide same day offers and product collection in most cases. Furthermore, once an agreement is reached, we pay immediately. Our warehouses are spread from coast to coast, so we can move products quickly into appropriate sales channels.

Over the course of our operations, Lewisco Holdings has purchased and redistributed thousands of products and prides ourselves on maximum recovery and quick work.

When we liquidate goods, we’ll take all measures necessary to protect the brand, the manufacturer, and the retailer. Our buyers are not allowed to wholesale our products, advertise or display the brand, or sell outside of geographic bounds.

Lewisco Holdings is absolutely not a broker or a trader, simply a liquidator. However, we do offer proxy sales services. You can retain ownership and possession of your merchandise while we arrange for sale and shipping.

Another alternative that we can provide is a turnkey auction service for maximum return on your investment.

Whether you need a one-time pickup or a recurring liquidation service, Lewisco Holdings will purchase your closeout cat food inventory and find discreet buyers for it. Reach out by calling (917) 210-9395 if you would like to begin liquidation, learn more about the process, or request the opportunity to buy from our catalog.