Closeout Candy: Sell Your Inventory

Closeout candy solutions: sell your inventory to Lewisco Holdings. We offer liquidation services for producers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers of various grocery, beverage, and household goods, including candy.

Closeout Candy SuppliersAn independent liquidator of food and beverage products, Lewisco Holdings has a long history of successfully distributing products out of the primary markets and into the secondary ones. 

If you have goods to liquidate, regardless of the quantity, location, or season, contact Lewisco Holdings for a fair price, fast service, and brand discretion.

Our efforts focus largely on groceries. We’re well-versed in the liquidation of dry, canned, frozen, and refrigerated foods; alcohol-free beverages; wet and dry dog and cat supplies; and household products. The Lewisco Holdings’ inventory comes from thousands of different sources in a host of conditions.

Products that are nearly expired or passed the best by dates, overstocked, leftover from packaging or ingredient adjustments, closeouts, discontinued, part of a canceled order, seasonal, promotional, or otherwise slow to sell are regularly welcomed into the Lewisco Holdings inventory.

Candy Product Liquidation

Lewisco Holdings liquidates a wide array of candy products. The following list of candies can be sold into and purchased from among our inventory:

  • Chocolate-covered strawberries, raisins, nuts – a chocolate shell around a juicy strawberry, dried fruit, or tasty nut offers the perfect combination of yummy flavors;
  • Caramel or otherwise flavored popcorn – the perfect combination of salty and sweet, caramel popcorn is always a go-to snack choice;
  • Gummy candies – from bears to worms, slices, fish, rings, and various other forms, gummies are yummy no matter the shape;
  • Hard candies – just like your grandmother’s candy dish, keep hard candies on hand when you need to wet your whistle, freshen your breath, or stay awake during a lengthy meeting;
  • Candy canes – Christmas may have come and gone, but those leftover candy canes need not be wasted. Liquidate them through Lewisco Holdings;
  • Licorice – love it or hate it, Twizzlers and other licorice are time-honored snacks, even if you do like the black variety;
  • Gum – bubble gum, chewing gum, flavored gum – all varieties are welcomed within our inventory and sell quickly to our customers;
  • Cotton candy – candy threads spun into clouds, cotton candy is a beloved childhood snack that screams fun as well as nostalgia;
  • Lollipops – hard candy on a stick, lollipops are a classic candy staple you’ll find within Lewisco Holdings’ inventory;
  • Sour candies – for lovers of sour candy, the bigger the pucker, the greater the fun;
  • Caramels – brown, chewy, and sweet, caramels are tasty alone of when part of a chocolate treat;
  • Candy corn – popular at Halloween, this candy needn’t be wasted upon the impetus of November;
  • Pixie stix – pour a bit of divine sweetness directly onto your taste buds with this candy variety;
  • Circus peanuts – orange marshmallow treats made into the shape of peanuts;
  • Pop Rocks – this candy fizzes when it comes into contact with moisture, offering a unique experience;
  • Jelly beans – a popular Easter treat, jelly beans deserve to be enjoyed year-round;
  • Milk chocolate – as part of candy bars or other concoctions, milk chocolate is a scrumptious confection;
  • Conversation hearts – another holiday focused candy, candy hearts with words are known on Valentine’s Day for their sometimes targeted gifting.

If you have any of these candies or others, contact Lewisco Holdings to sell your closeout candy inventory. To reach our talented team of liquidators, click here or phone (917) 210-9395.