Closeout Buyers

Lewisco Holdings provides liquidation services throughout the continental United States in an effort to minimize waste and losses while providing closeout buyers with inventory available at below wholesale costs.

Closeout BuyersThe way that we operate is straightforward, seamless, and fair. We begin by purchasing excess inventory from first-line distributors, producers, and retailers, and then, we target the resale of those goods to more suitable arenas within alternative markets. We know how to provide this liquidation service quickly and fairly without compromising the brand’s reputation or identity.

The process that we use provides our sources of inventory with protection from overruns of inventory with disappointing sales figures. Keeping these products stifles profits and growth, and over time, they can even taint the overall brand and surrounding merchandise within retail spaces.

As the leading player in the liquidation market, Lewisco Holdings has deep pockets of buying power, well-established processes, and the transportation abilities to move any volume of merchandise throughout the country at all seasons of the year.

The various food, grocery, beverage, and general merchandise items purchased and sold by Lewisco Holdings includes a host of products including shelf-stable dry products like pasta, rice, and crackers; alcohol-free refreshments like water, juice, and soda; canned foods like veggies, tuna, and fruit; frozen foods like pizza rolls, vegetables, and breakfast sandwiches; and refrigerated foods like deli and dairy items. In terms of general merchandise, we buy pet items, paper products, HBA merchandise, cleaning goods, and other closeout goods.

Liquidation is the smart choice when businesses have problematic inventory. Instead of trashing the goods and taking a total loss, call on the masters of liquidation, Lewisco Holdings.

Lewisco Holdings provides concealment of brand identity and protection of the brand’s reputation. When you call us with information regarding available inventory, we will respond with a fast, fair offer, and if you accept, we will send payment right away and arrange for transport the same day or the next.

Effortless, fast liquidation suits businesses who need to handle tasks quickly and with discretion. Lewisco Holdings has a dedicated carrier network and nationwide warehouses to efficiently transport goods all over the country.

We buy goods in all quantities in a manner that prevents them from being exposed to primary customers. Lewisco Holdings doesn’t broker or trade goods; we buy them outright for redistribution. To keep customer channels from overlapping, we abstain from selling to supermarkets, wholesalers, convenience stores, and restaurants. Instead, we target goods to our select group of buyers.

The buyer group we welcome consists of off-the-beaten-path market players like private dollar stores, community food banks, flea market vendors, farmers’ markets, prisons/jails, schools, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, and other alternative entities.

With 400+ of these trusted buyers, we can move plenty of merchandise. As we do, we require adherence to all manufacturer restrictions per advertising, wholesales, display, and geographic bounds. When concealment is difficult, we even provide our own private label, Mabel’s Farms, for repackaging.

Are you ready to join the ranks of Lewisco Holdings’s closeout buyers? We offer the opportunity to extend savings to customers with limited budgets, or we can help small retailers grow loyal customer bases with deep discounts or extend a limited profit margin. Sellers or buyers of liquidation goods should reach out today for service by calling (917) 210-9395.