Beverage Liquidators Tennessee

Buyers and sellers of salvage goods stand to benefit greatly from the efforts of grocery and beverage liquidators in Tennessee. Lewisco Holdings offers deep-discount salvage stores, correctional facilities, small, mom-and-pop grocery stores, and schools the significant savings they need to stretch their budgets. We are an independent liquidation specialist ready and able to benefit a large network of connections.

Beverage Liquidators TennesseeLewisco Holdings offers efficient liquidation of many different types of products. We’ll purchase any amount of merchandise because we’re unlimited by logistics or purchase power. Our warehouses have a nationwide footprint, and we’re discreet about product placement. No matter what type of product buyers are in the market for, we likely have a prime solution:

  • Non-alcoholic beverages (water, sodas, energy drinks, etc.)
  • Food goods (frozen, refrigerated, canned, or dry)
  • Cleaning products
  • Health and beauty merchandise
  • Paper items

Qualifying as Salvageable Products

Lewisco Holdings has many warehouses and distribution centers, and they hold an array of products that are near-dated or expired, overstocked, closeout, discontinued, older product varieties, manufacturing errors, seasonal merchandise, or otherwise difficult to sell. Products no longer welcome in the primary market can live a second life due to our efforts.

To Be a Buyer

Becoming part of our 400-plus strong buying group is simpler than you might imagine. Lewisco Holdings covers the contiguous U.S. with a footprint that’s wide-ranging. All of our buyers must submit to verification requirements and adherence to guidelines about merchandise. Brand protection is key, so our buyers can’t advertise or sell products outside of the geographic framework.

Our group of buyers is quite large, and we are capable of purchasing a wide array of products to meet the needs of every purchaser.

The companies that sell to us expect to have their products buried deeply within the secondary market, so we demand that our buyers respect this part of the process. Our distribution policies keep goods separate from the primary market. Lewisco Holdings even provides repackaging options, with the Mabel’s Farm brand, to resell products without worrying about policy violations.

Joining Our Group of Sellers

For companies with excess merchandise that needs to be cleared, we’re here to provide a fast and fair offer followed by instant payment and same- or next-day pickup.

To receive an offer and become a seller with Lewisco Holdings, call us and make arrangements to provide the following information:

  • Expiration and best buy dates on all parts of packaging
  • Photos
  • Brand name, type of product
  • Products per pallet and pallets per load
  • Package size
  • All other relevant info

When you are seeking a source for liquidation or a place to buy deeply discounted salvage goods, look no further than Lewisco Holdings. Call (917) 651-0101 to access top of the line service from beverage liquidators in Tennessee. Sell to us to clear your shelves and retain some of your investment, then reinvest in products that will move more briskly. Buy from us if you need a way to make the dollars go further for your customers or your organization.