Beverage Liquidators Maine

Giving surplus goods a new life through distribution to the secondary marketplace is possible with help from grocery and beverage liquidators. In Maine, buyers and sellers alike can benefit from the process of liquidation, and no one does it better than Lewisco Holdings.

Beverage Liquidators MaineThe liquidation process involves the purchase of aging and overstocked goods by a company that then re-sells those products to organizations at large discounts. Lewisco Holdings has years of success in the business, and our long history has earned experience, contacts, and a nationwide footprint.

We will move any quantity required, regardless of location. Let us help recoup your cash, clear your shelves, and remove your expired, canceled, unpopular, or other slow-moving products.

Partner with Lewisco Holdings When Selling

Before throwing slow-moving merchandise out in the trash, consider using Lewisco Holdings to liquidate the products instead. We offer a fast, smooth transfer of your goods to the secondary market. Your non-alcoholic drinks, canned, frozen, and shelf-stable food items, pet foods, paper goods, health and beauty aids, and cleaning products can all be liquidated.

It doesn’t take much to sell to Lewisco Holdings. You just have to reach out with relevant product information and photographs, and we’ll make a payment offer. The price we offer will be fair, and if you agree to terms, we can pick up that day or the next and pay immediately.

If you choose to retain possession of your slow-moving products, you can arrange to have us sell your products on your behalf. We can help you get the most money possible in return, and we’ll deliver directly when we find a buyer.

Partner with Lewisco Holdings When Buying

Sellers are part one in our equation, but after we purchase goods, the next step is to locate buyers.

The buyers we serve are screened comprehensively and required to maintain confidentiality. Manufacturer restrictions, such as those regarding advertising and geography, are strictly followed. Each of our buyers consistently protects the primary market brand so that the deep discounts can continue.

We have a diverse group of 400-plus buyers nationwide. Whether the buyer is a privately-owned mom and pop store, a deep-discount salvage store, a community food pantry, a prison or jail, or a school, those who buy from us are far from the primary marketplace.

Rest assured that we will product your customer base. By limiting our distribution, we protect your brand in the marketplace. When we sell your surplus goods, they don’t go to restaurants, convenience stores, or chain supermarkets. By delivering to independently owned small retail and salvage groceries, food pantries, correctional facilities, etc., your brand’s confidentiality and image is protected.

When looking for beverage liquidators in Maine, Lewisco Holdings should be top on your list. Our reach is wide, and the products we move are wide-ranging as well. Call (917) 651-0101 for more information about selling to or buying from us. We’re happy to provide efficient liquidation services for companies on both ends of the equation.