Beverage Liquidators Iowa

What happens to seasonal drinks and promotionally branded sodas when the season or the promotion ends? They’re no longer appropriate for sale within the grocery and convenience stores of the primary market. The answer is liquidation. Any slow-selling beverage product in Iowa can find a second life through beverage liquidators like Lewisco Holdings.

Beverage Liquidators IowaWhen your cash reserves and storage capacity are consumed by beverage inventory that sells too slowly or is no longer in ideal condition, offload the goods into secondary markets. Lewisco Holdings works with speed and accuracy to discreetly manage how the original brand is seen within the new environment.

If you’re looking for a liquidator provider, Lewisco Holdings has a history of successful leadership within the industry. Privately owned and operated, we work with proven best practices to help our buyers and sources benefit.

Whether you have a single pallet or a warehouse full of alcohol-free beverages, contact us for liquidation. We specialize in several categories of goods, but beverages are one of our specialties.

Consider the following list a non-exhaustive exemplar of potential products:

  • Bottled water
  • Carbonated beverages
  • Flavored water
  • Vitamin water
  • Juice
  • Fruit-flavored drinks
  • Bottled tea
  • Coffee beverages
  • Coconut water
  • Protein drinks
  • Energy drinks
  • Sports drinks
  • Children’s drinks
  • Any shelf-stable beverage

What Do We Do with the Product We Buy?

Once Lewisco Holdings purchases products, we move the goods into secondary markets. Our buyer group numbers over 400 separate entities. We screen and target the right buyer to the right product. Schools, prisons, discount salvage stores, dollar stores, food pantries, and more benefit from the deep discounts that we can offer for quality, brand name goods.

Sellers benefit from Lewisco Holdings’ services by recouping as much of their investment and overhead expenses as possible while returning to full storage and display capacity. During this process, they don’t have to worry about any taint on the brand’s reputation or aggravation during the experience. We make it all easy, fast, and confidential.

If you’re considering liquidation, contact us and provide photos, quantities, the brand/label, nutrition facts, ingredient list, package size, any and all dates, the location, and the preferred price. We can provide an offer and immediate payment in the event of acceptance. Collection of goods will follow that day or the next.

The Lewisco Holdings’ process employs an arsenal of warehouses and carriers to redistribute products appropriately. Our goal, and the reason for our continued success, is a satisfactory end for both sources and buyers.

The group of buyers who receive our inventory have the chance to stretch their budgets, pass savings on to customers, or maximize a limited profit margin. These benefits come with an absolute obligation to protect the brand’s identity and reputation.

When buyers have a special item that they need to fulfill a customer request or community need, we can hunt down that particular merchandise.

Our source companies can also choose to keep their merchandise and avail themselves of our sales team’s services. When we arrange sale, we’ll also arrange for pickup, and sellers can often recoup top dollar in this fashion. The auction space is another option, and we offer a turnkey service for this method.

Leading the field of beverage liquidators in Iowa, Lewisco Holdings offers a surefire response to overstocked and salvaged merchandise. Contact us at (917) 651-0101 to arrange a sale or purchase of products.