Beverage Liquidators Indiana

If you are dealing with close-dated, seasonal, or other slow-moving products and are looking for beverage liquidators in Indiana, Lewisco Holdings is an experienced and proven choice.

Regardless of location or quantity of goods, Lewisco Holdings can pay top dollar for surplus goods and then quickly locate the right buyer in the secondary market. We’re good at what we do, so buyers and sellers alike benefit from our services.

Counting the Benefits of Selecting Lewisco Holdings

Beverage Liquidators IndianaOur process of doing business is straightforward and uncomplicated. We, Lewisco Holdings, purchase overstocked and unwanted merchandise, and then we sell that merchandise to buyers in the secondary market. We’re not brokers or traders.

Our process works well because we have long-term relationships with buyers and sellers, numerous warehouse locations, and the capital to make fast decisions and immediate payment. Our clients are happy to make a deal with Lewisco Holdings because they know we will pay fairly and fast, no matter the quantity of goods in question.

Range of Categories

Before throwing away drinks from the following categories, give us a call and make a deal:

  • Bottled water of any sort
  • Drinks for kids
  • Juices
  • Sports and energy drinks
  • Sodas and other carbonated beverages
  • Protein drinks and shakes
  • Bottled tea or coffee
  • Other drinks with shelf-stability

Beverages aren’t the only products we liquidate. Lewisco Holdings regularly redistributes a host of products from food and drinks to general merchandise and pet foods.

Why Buy from Lewisco Holdings?

Finding a better deal than the one we offer is unlikely. Lewisco Holdings has superior quality, name-brand goods, making it possible for our buyers to pay less than wholesale prices. The secondary market is the only path for this bargain to happen.

Within the secondary market, we serve over 400 distinct organizations. Our customers include independently operated salvage stores, correctional facilities, schools, community food banks, and small mom-and-pop grocers.

Why Sell to Lewisco Holdings?

Languishing goods aren’t bringing in profits. Every day that closeouts and overstocked goods linger on your shelves is another day that you don’t have sellable goods in that location. Furthermore, the investment you’ve made in the non-selling goods could be used to purchase merchandise that moves.

The services of Lewisco Holdings allow you to remove these products from the primary market and introduce them into the secondary marketplace. As we make this transfer, we pledge to fully protect your brand and reputation, and we deal strictly with buyers who are willing to do the same.

While there might be many operators in the industry of beverage liquidation, Lewisco Holdings stands out in this crowd because we value the reputation of those from whom we purchase, we abide by manufacturer restrictions, offer our own private label, and sell to those separate and apart from the primary market.

Our clients also expect a fair price and quick pick-up, and that’s exactly what we provide.

Lewisco Holdings is a standout among beverage liquidators in Indiana. We make it possible for surplus goods to enjoy a revival in the secondary market. Reach out by calling (917) 651-0101, and we’ll provide assistance with selling or purchasing salvage beverages.