Best Way to Liquidate Inventory

The best way to liquidate inventory also happens to be practically effortless. Lewisco Holdings provides fast and fair purchasing, pickup, and transfer into secondary markets.

Best Way to Liquidate InventoryIn the liquidation world, we at Lewisco Holdings lead the pack. We have long-standing relationships with both sources of liquidation goods in the first-lines of distribution and buyers in alternative channels. Our financial buyer power and logistical methods of transport and redistribution allow us to buy liquidation goods in a variety of conditions, locations, and volumes.

Thousands of producers, wholesalers, retailers, and distributors entrust us with their products and the security of their brands. All manufacturer restrictions extend from the original brand to the buyer. The process that we use is quite protective of our clients, and we bury the goods that we purchase from them well within alternative channels, far from original customers.

We also require that our buyers refrain from advertising, display, wholesaling, or extending beyond the geographic limitations of the goods. In addition, we provide our own private label, Mabel’s Farms, as a repackaging service to fully conceal the brand.

Choose Lewisco Holdings

All of the measures that we take to protect the brand don’t go unnoticed. Lewisco Holdings recognizes them and chooses us for the benefits. Our clients don’t see their brands in a less than pristine environment.

Joining the Lewisco Holdings buyer group requires a screening process. We sell to a small number of entities within alternative channels, targeting inventory to them when we purchase it. We welcome you to join these 400+ accounts; the typical buyer is a private, small retailer; food pantry; prison or jail; school; salvage grocery store; flea market vendor; or other alternative marketer.

We allow our clients to maintain control over how the brand is managed beyond liquidation.

The liquidation process is an outright purchase and resale. We are not brokers or traders.

When you provide us with the information required for liquidation, we will send an offer usually on the same day, and if you agree, we will pay immediately and pick up the same day or the next. Our dedicated carrier fleet and thirteen nationwide warehouses make short work of liquidated goods possible.

The info required includes the brand/label, the package size, ingredient list, nutrition information, all dates on the package, all quantity of goods broken down by unit, case, pallet, and load, location, and preferred price.

Buyers of Liquidation Goods

The private retail spots and limited budget organizations who buy from us appreciate the opportunity to purchase name-brand goods at low prices. The grocery, alcohol-free beverage, and household goods we deal in allow our buyers to do more with less – maximizing budgets, profit margins, and customer bases.

Any of our buyers who need specific items can come to us for these items; we’ll scour our resources to source them on your behalf.

Reach out to Lewisco Holdings if you’d like to join our buyer group. The team of liquidators here will take down the type of items you require and contact you when they enter our inventory.

Lewisco Holdings offers the best way to liquidate inventory. No matter the amount of goods you have, reach out to us with product details to trigger the process. Learn more today by calling (917)651-0101 or reaching out online.